Attendance Management

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Tracking of attendance details of the employee is one of the most crucial and sensitive activities handled by the HR department. Errors in this can cause major losses as it forms the basis of many other calculations like payroll, administration etc. Beehive assists you in managing your employees’ data efficiently and also helps you avoid any sort of tampering with such sensitive data. Employees can record their attendance through logging into the system, since we are a web based application t5he employees can mark their attendance through any device that has web accessibility. With Beehive’s mobile application, track exactly the time taken by your team members on a particular project with geo-tagging, fencing and tracking features. Making it easy for them to login from anywhere at any time. Beehive’s attendance systems and API ready and hence can be integrated to other hardware attendance devices such as biometric attendance system, kiosks with face and finger print recognition, turnstile etc.

Attendance Management Beehive Software

Following are some of the features of Beehive’s world-class attendance management system:

  • Types of leaves can be defined
  • Leave rules can be defined as per leave policy
  • Policies on accrual, avail, carry over and approval rules can be updated directly on the portal
  • Overtime / Compensatory Off rules can be defined
  • Leave requests, approvals, pending leaves are all visible at a single source point.
  • Regular notification on attendance regularization request and approval
  • Location based holidays
  • Facility to define shift and work schedules including weekly offs.
  • Work schedules and shifts integrated with attendance.
  • Integration available with different attendance capturing devices.
  • Geo tagging/fencing/tracking of attendance available
  • Errorless payroll processing as the data is automatically captured from the attendance application
  • Workflow configuration is available.
  • Easy retrieval and view of all the attendance related data including time in and time out.
  • Enhance efficiency by mapping shifts and tracking individual employees allocated projects.
  • MIS and analytics to increase accuracy for monitoring, to provide feedback and improvise the productivity of your workforce.

Why your organization needs an Attendance management system:

  • Focus all your efforts on productivity
  • Manage your employee absenteeism with least effect on your overall productivity
  • Save both time and efforts by automating your attendance application
  • Compliance is always maintained without you having to put in extra efforts to track the same.
  • Increase accuracy with real-time data
  • Humans err, systems don’t. Avoid manual errors from your organization
  • All information is available on fingertips helping save time and efforts
  • Digital tracking of hours includes ensuring that employees are taking mandatory breaks

Beehive’s time and attendance management application is a word class solution with employee centric design. We believe happy employee leads to happier organizations. Utilize the power and flexibility with Beehive and free yourself from the day to day mundane activities, laborious, inefficient and costly tasks only gathering the basic data required to get the HR functions kick started! Beehive provides wide range of options to integrate with and also absolute flexibility of configuration to blend in with your organisational policies and be one. We have taken attendance tracking to the next level with Beehive’s mobile application to manage attendance on the go!