Business Travel Management in India

Automate travel requisition and associated

Features Included

Eligibility & Entitlements with grade levels:

Travel eligibility in terms of travel mode, class, daily limit and budget can be configured and employees would be able to see it in their travel plan screen. This can be even configured specifically for the employee grades/designation and category of employment.

Domestic & International travel:

Travel request can be made as per the applicability, it has the facility to create domestic as well as international travel plan as per eligibility and entitlements. Further advance for international travel can be requested in the required currency as applicable for the travel plan.

Travel requisition / Approval flow:

Employees can raise the travel requisition and as per approval workflow, it can be processed with the reporting manager and travel desk. Beehive has the workflow of getting the request and has approval from the supervisor and then the travel desk performs the action of making the travel arrangements as per the request.

Travel Analysis & Payments:

Travel related data can be analyzed for the travel expenditure for the specific cost center/designation/role of employee etc. and further it can get linked with the payroll for the required payments. if it needs to be paid along with salary OR off-cycle payment through cash/cheques.

Travel Desk:

Travel desk is a portal for the employees and travel admin where travel admin can access all the approved travel requests and they can process with making necessary arrangements as per the requested plan. Employees can see the travel desk and they will have complete access to the booking receipts and tickets booked by the travel admin.

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