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Attendance Capture

You can choose among the options like Web Check-In, Biometric Integration, Mobile Attendance, Excel upload as a mechanism for attendance. Beehive has already created it’s standard API which can create an interface with almost all the different attendance capturing devices.

Shift and Rostering

Facility to create unlimited shifts and rotational rosters to automate the attendance processing, also you can define all the policies and disciplinary actions on employee attendance / late coming / early going. Weekly off and location-specific holidays can be defined as per applicability and policy.

Location tagging

With Beehive HCM smart app you can capture the attendance with multiple punches and location can be tagged against each punch. This will enable the field employees to mark their attendance also tag their location along with the location/trip map.

Geo tracking & fencing

With Beehive HCM smart app your employee can mark the attendance and location can be tracked for the in and out the punch of attendance. Geo-fencing will help in assigning a location / controlling the employee attendance to a particular location with the defined radius for the attendance capture.

Application & Approval

There are multiple workflow-based applications can be made by the employee for the different attendance related events OR applications such as regularization, overtime, comp off, shift change, optional holiday, etc.. and all these applications will be backed by the workflow and escalation matrix.

API Ready

Beehive is API ready, it can get integrated with any third party attendance application also, it is flexible and fetches the attendance data from MS SQL / MS Access attendance database server with almost real-time push mechanism to Beehive system for actual attendance processing.

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