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Managing HR operations is easy as never before with Beehive’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software.
Beehive is one of the fast emerging leaders in providing the companies with the Cloud-based and or an On-premise HRMS software that lists out a number of highly effective features to run HR functions efficiently.

Vission & Mission

Beehive with its clear focus and vision will distinguish itself as a global leader in providing quality and innovative solutions in the space of human capital management.

The Team

Our HRMS is backed by a competent team that includes Human Resource strategists, implementation specialists, and other experts who can work closely with you to understand your needs in order to provide you with the right solution.

Beehive HRMS solution is what you need to be at the top of your game. We help you manage your HR efficiently through a unified platform which helps automate your routine tasks, with strategic tools that enhance your organizational processes by pushing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Beehives cloud based HRMS systems is the technology of the future, by providing access to all of your HR activities on Human Resource Management Software, we have shifted focus from dependency on infrastructural bonds to growth with the changing needs for employee engagement with a future focus. Beehive’s HR on cloud HRIS holds all of the employee’s data and documents, in a more secure and organized manner than the traditional method of physical documentation.

The SaaS HRMS based subscription model has been specially adapted to serve the needs of all sized organizations. Now HCM Solution are not available to only the MNC’s but also affordably available to the small and medium sized enterprises. Beehive aims at providing absolute scalability, so it will grow with you as your organization grows.

Experience error free HRM Software and Payroll Management with Beehive Software. Beehive assists in making the whole process of leave management and attendance calculations more transparent and efficient Now we are available online aswell. Through Online HR Software Leave and attendance data is directly synced with your payroll processing eliminating the scope of errors completely and can make Human Management System Hasslefree. Process payroll effortlessly whilst keeping a thorough check with compliance.

Beehive’s employee management software helps you focus on the employee who is the main pillar of your organization. A happy employee is always directly proportional to a successful organization.


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Welcome to the One Stop Solution for Human Resource Management Software

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Core HR

In order to run any organization efficiently data management is one of the vital functions.
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Employee Benefits
One of the main functionalities of the HR team is to increase employee productivity
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Talent Acquisition
Talent acquisition is a rather generic terminology that involves the entire process of looking for and finding the most suited
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Talent Management
Once a prospect has been recruited by an organization, it is the duty of the HRD to nurture the right values and talent of the individual.
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Employee Engagement
Employee engagement involves the employee’s goals being aligned with the organization’s goals. With the change in time the rules governing an organization has also changed.
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Our HRMS system is the single platform that houses all of the employee data and the analytics to go along with it.
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Every organization aims for excellence through improving their processes and operations. In order to achieve these many organizations
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TimeSheet Management
Timesheets are used for tracking the hourly updates of an employees work. Tasks assigned can be traced as well as the hours taken
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Location Tracking
Location tracking is also popularly referred to as personnel management or employee tracking. It is maintaining the records
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