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A company must evaluate the performance of its employees from time to time. You cannot consider it as an option but a necessity. Performance management is really important at many levels. Now think about it for one second, you have different employees working at the same scale of salaries with equal amounts of responsibility.

What if a bunch of those employees put in extra effort to do the work? You need to reward such employees. It will give motivation for other workers to perform in the same lines. When you get performance appraisal software from us, you can easily reward the people who deserve to be rewarded. If you don’t take the help of software, you will never be able to do the task efficiently on your own.

The thing with manual performance management is that it can take a lot of time. You might have to hire a lot of employees to do this task. So why not hire the best performance management system in India from us at Beehive? You save yourself from trouble and make sure that employees are treated the right way.

With our HR performance management system, you will be able to set in-depth goals along with custom reviews. The 360-degree performance appraisal process will ensure that you haven’t missed out on anything before deciding on how your employees have performed. With the ability to make succession planning alongside talent management, you can make the most out of the software we have provided to you. As we say, we are here to provide a complete human resource management solution to our clients. Our performance appraisal software makes sure that you deal with your employees in the best manner possible.

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Feature Included

Easy and Flexible:

Beehive has extremely user-friendly UI and flexibility to get adjusted any complex performance evaluation process, doesn’t matter if you are setting the goals or your employees are writing their goals Beehive helps in managing and optimizing your complete goal setting and workflow of the entire appraisal process.

Shift and Rostering

Beehive offers complete control to the administrator on setting up the review frequency based upon companies’ performance review mechanism. You can set up it to Annually, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly even Weekly.

360 degree reviews:

As per company review mechanism and stakeholders associated in the process of employee’s performance evaluation and appraisal process you can set up the workflow as 180 degree & 360 degrees where the internal and external stakeholders can perform their respective activities. This can set up dynamically for the group of employees with the defined group as per seniority/job roles etc.

KRA / KPI Management:

Considering the fact that your employees each KRA and KPI will be having different weightage and different way of evaluating, Beehive helps this purpose to the fullest and helps you in automating the same with the different evaluation types and that will eliminate the manual efforts of calculating the rating and it will also add the ease in doing the reviews on the performance of an individual.

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