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Searching For The Best Task Management System?

Task management has to play a key role in the productivity of a company. As long as tasks are getting divided perfectly amongst the employees, you can say that you have been able to succeed at the task management system.

With the best task management system available at Beehive, you can manage this operation efficiently. It doesn’t mean that tasks need to be divided equally amongst employees. It is more about giving tasks to the workers that they can be comfortable with and benefit the goals of the company. Some employees might be more efficient and can perform more tasks in a given day; it reflects upon their salaries. With our software, you would know exactly how much work should be given to a particular employee within an organisation.

Our employee task management system will allow you to keep track of all the employees. You would know beforehand if a worker completes his project. It would allow you to plan the next project to be given to the same employee. You have to manage your workforce in such a manner that none of them stays underutilized. With our task management system software, you will find the operation easier to handle.

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Powerful Timesheet Management and Meaningful Timesheets & Reports

Power up

Allow your teams to work in a collaborated way even if they are working from home, office or anywhere. Beehive offers a simplest task management tool to power up teams to work more effectively and be productive always.

Productivity Platform

Team and Managers should be in-line with their communication on the assigned task and projects, Beehive Tasks facilitate Managers to define the task details and assign it within the teams with all details. And can have a complete details on the status and reports would enable them to visualize the timelines.

Glanced View

Beehive Tasks offers simple entry screens to employees and managers to fill up, review and submit their task details. These features makes it simple to manage expectations at all the ends and deliver the maximum results. Managers would have reports and a quick timeline feature which makes it easy to see when tasks will be completed

Automation and Workflow

Beehive tasks allows you to create work flow and steps which is right for your organization or your teams.with the right amount of automation your team feels good when they are being utilized for the core competencies of them rather than having unproductive time investment in manual reporting. All your tasks / feedback and assignment would go through systematic work-flow and create happy working culture.

Productivity Plus

Collaborate on tasks from start to end. Beehive task enables your teams to be more organized, more transparent and most importantly “More Productive”. Team can wisely invest there more time in completing their tasks ratger that making heavy reports and maintaining the daily status on the same. It’s very easy to Boost productivity by unleashing the power of automation across your teams, and remove tedious tasks like daily reports submission.

Stay Connected

Work collaboration was never easy before, most of the organization has diverse working culture and during the new normal “After COVID-19 pandemic” companies have invented different ways to communicate and stay connected and taking this in mind Beehive Task have already made different provisions for your teams to stay connected and work collaboratively. Which includes introduce mobility in task reporting, work from home, timesheets etc..

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