Task management

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Timesheets are used for tracking the hourly updates of an employees work. Tasks assigned can be traced as well as the hours taken by the employee to complete the said task. They are also used for time management. The data accumulated is also used for payroll, performance review, invoicing and billing. The tasks that consume maximum amount of time can be segregated from the lot efficiently.

Beehive’s task management application helps your organisation automate your time management activities and the job of scheduling tasks with detailed timesheets. Automation helps save on cost, time and also helps increase accuracy in calculations. Our application has the functionalities to setting a tenure for a task, recording the activities according to the plan and execution, analysing the timesheet, approving the timesheet and finally generating reports basis the accumulated data. This data can be exported to other locations in various file formats available in pour system. This data can also be studied in analytical views through charts and graphs.

Explore some functionalities of Beehive’s task management application for a smooth and more process oriented work culture:

  • The resources in your organisation can be managed more efficiently with ongoing interactions between the subordinate and the supervisors. The application gives a clear understanding of the need for training if any, also if the employee is outperforming their abilities and should be rewarded. The entire timesheet can be validated with our location tracking, tagging and fencing facilities.
  • All the data is available in a single source making it easy for the supervisors to study the data, get a bird’s eye view on who is working on which project and since when. Through this the manager shall take a more informed decision while assigning tasks to the employees. Any leave or holiday shall be forecasted on the timesheet to avoid errors while assigning.
  • Instant reports can be generated for task based on the allocations i.e. Clients, Projects, Tasks and Departments etc.
  • In our systems multiple projects can be viewed in a single screen making work easier. The calendar allows the employee and the employer to track the status of the project and the completion status against the given timelines.
  • Every time the employee completes a project, a notification is triggered to all of the concerned stakeholders to review the data on the timesheet and to initiate the process of delivery. Employees have been given the provision to submit multiple timesheets.

The features offered by Beehive is the perfect blend of time tracking, task management, and reporting tools for managing your work, and your business.