Introducing Touch less Attendance System: full proof plan for HR to resume the work.

Organizations of all industries are battling the most in this crisis. Achieving productivity with partial work force and work from home pattern is adding more challenges to the pail. We may need to live with Corona virus disease due to nonexistence of vaccine for coming unmeasured time span. We definitely realize that the infection is communicable so keeping social distancing and carefully evading physical contact through any source is the main precaution left.

Central and State government have taken their respective measures to fight the battle against Covid-19. Nevertheless, the spread of infection is completely people oriented. The lives and businesses are refocusing on work in the midst of pandemic. It appears dread of losing business is higher than the distress of Corona. So, as to follow all safety measures, organizations are carefully following social distancing and implementing all conceivable cleanliness practices before restarting the work.

At the point when we consider re starting the work, the principal thought which triggers our brain is safety. Today, in such delicate circumstances where shaking hands has gotten risky, one cannot envision work with previous work culture. Keeping all this in mind, we at Beehive concocted a power packed plan for HR departments. We ensure that you are well prepared to welcome the new work forms with all safety measures for well-being of your team mates.

Our dedicated team and experts have a new approach towards employee attendance management: Touch less attendance system!

Clearly you should scrap the old bio metric system temporarily regardless of whether your office door is now open so as to maintain hygiene and avoid physical contact. Neither you, nor your employees will be comfortable in marking their daily attendance on touch pad. Technology catalysts at Beehive have developed few stunning modules within Beehive HRMS Software to enhance your current HR procedure and increase hygiene level. Here are few highlights of Touch less attendance management:

Virtual Bio Metric/ Mobile & Web based attendance marking:

With the new innings of organizations in market, management needs to get proactive as far as giving a safe and hygiene work culture for their employees. Their safety is currently chief priority. Beehive HRMS software is a cloud based system which enables your team to login through any device. It’s user friendly UI and smooth features won’t just assist  your team to keep themselves accountable but at the same time the newly introduced Touch less feature will help them with marking their daily attendance by their own mobile phones or laptops in single click.

Face recognition in attendance system:

This feature is indeed the straightforward one with various  You can pre define the faces like you do in your office bio metric devices for finger prints. Your employees will mark their attendance through their face with no physical contact with any sort of tool. You can likewise integrate your office bio metric device with Beehive HRMS mobile application. The best part is your employees can mark their attendance by clicking their selfie through Beehive HRMS Mobile Application. As soon as the user clocks in to mark the attendance, system will open the front camera and will capture image with location. It works wonderfully as an employee tracker with users located in remote areas.

Geo Fencing and Geo Tagging:

Beehive HRMS Software believes in strong implementation which is possibly accomplished if user experience (UX) is intuitive. It’s exceptionally simple to tag the location on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The same way, while using Beehive HRMS, user can easily tag the location through our Geo Tag feature. You can also pre define the geographical range for attendance marking facility through Geo Fence which empowers you to create a virtual fence as per your defined location.

IP restricted Attendance:

The feature restricts your employee to check in via your IP network (IP address range of your work location). The organization’s administrator can control what IP address your employees are allowed to check in or mark their attendance. This feature will maintain the security and promote safety.


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