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For any organization to grow with rising changes in the society involves the human resource of the organization being compliant with the federal regulations. It is also essential to keep an on-going track on the productivity and efficiency of its workforce and work. But unfortunately, many practitioners in the HR department have been upset with the usage of fragmented, and disorganized solutions. To add to that many uses multiple systems which enhances the complexity in working, also increasing the usage of paperwork, manual re-entries of the employee information which also results in an increase in manual errors organizations, provision to provide for feedbacks and training depending on the performance of the employee. Under cases that show positive scores of an employee – it is a sign that the organization is in the right direction, is focused on employee success as well.

Performance management software is the setting up of a certain set of standards to evaluate the review of the work of an employee against these standards for a fixed tenure. Performance Management is a part of performance appraisal, it is the analysis of the employee’s development, progress and performance in the organization and to keep in check whether the employee’s efforts are directed towards fulfilling the organizational goals. Performance management systems are used by companies to have an ongoing check on the activities of its employees’ by the managers and direct reports.

Performance management software assists all the supervisors to maintain a track of all the activities done by their subordinates. This way they can evaluate the work of the employees, conduct reviews basis that, maintain all the records of discussions that have been undertaken, also initiate 360-degree feedback to have a wider knowledge of the employee’s behaviour and work culture with their peers and subordinates. Our performance appraisal application aids with organizational planning as it helps the human resource department that certain skills and capabilities are retained in the organization by means of succession planning for ensuring that nothing is a hindrance in achieving the organizational vision. Our performance management software can be availed as a standalone assistance solution altogether or as a part of the entire Human resource management suite.

Features of Performance Management Software:

Setting of the employee goals basis the organizational goals in one of the initial steps in order to align the employee growth with that of the employee growth. It is one of the keys to enhancing employee productivity and to provide the employee with a base to understand their potential and challenge the same. Increase in employee productivity has a direct impact on the organizations productivity as a whole.

Open ended planning is vague and unclear resulting in disinterested employees. The managers play a key role in deciding and helping the employee set their goals. The plan to fulfill the goals should also be realistic and doable. Performance management systems don’t just ease the entire process but also streamlines the operations and documentation of the done activities can help the managers monitor employee on real time basis.

In the implementation phase the system provides the employee to clearly allocate his key responsibilities towards the organization and the managers can make sure that the objective of aligning the organizational goals with the employee has been met. The key if for the employee to feel valued and engaged during their tenure in the organization. It helps the employee in staying motivated at all times.

In the second phase of assessment, regular and continuous assessment of the employees contribution helps inculcate a positive culture as the employee is receiving regular feedback on their activities, and can change the plan of work according to the needs. An ideal performance management system aligns everyone in the organization with the company’s mission and vision.

In the final phase the review, In case the employee being monitored is under performing training can be arranged and recognition should be provided for the over performing employees so as to motivate them to continue working with the same enthusiasm.

Working of Performance management systems:

Performance management software helps set goals for an employee under the vigilance of a subordinate or a manager, who can track all details of the projects assigned to the employee, effective deadlines etc. Multiple milestones can be set against a single goal with the facility to track the employee’s progress in real-time basis. The supervisors can provide for their feedback and review against the goals which will help guide the employee move towards the same direction as the vision of the organization. Our solution offers some of the advanced features like the employee has the facility to sign off against a set goal. If the goal has been achieved, the employee is permitted to sign off against the goal with the required comments if any. An ongoing communication is initiated between the supervisor and the subordinate with the 360 degree feedback section.

A Performance management software shall aid both the managers and the employees alike. The features of this solution has been developed having an employee centric view. Hence it has a user friendly interface that shall not just be effectively used by the employees but also will serve the purpose of use for the supervisors. The software makes it easy to communicate the goals of an employee amongst all the concerned stakeholders’ only with single entry, making everybody accountable to support those goals as a part of the company’s strategic plan. The system can also be used to include menial tasks and short term milestones, which are stepping stones to achieving long-term milestones with a metric as to how will success be measured against the goals achieved.

The goals in an organization can be pushed from the higher levels of the organization to the lower, the company’s vision can be displayed on every employee’s ESS portal so that everybody is well informed prior to setting their individual goals. Individual goals can be linked to others if their goals are dependent on the completion of another employees goals i.e. co-worker, supervisor etc.

Benefits of Performance management system:

Performance management system’s aids in motivating the employees: Automation of the performance management system ensures that continuity of feedback and tracking is maintained. Planning, monitoring, reviewing aims and a performance management program is essential to promoting and improving employee effectiveness. It involves a continuous process in which managers and staff work together to plan, monitor and review goals and individual contributions to the agency. Regularity in feedbacks will help the seniors to retain the talent in the organization. Performance feedback helps provide recognition and rewards to the deserving employees, which also helps boost employee motivation and enhance their self- esteem.
Identification of Employee’s strength and weaknesses: Performance management system helps the managers gain a clear understanding of their employee’s skill sets and abilities. This way the managers can provide the employee with feedback, appreciation, rewards for outperforming employees and training for individuals in need of improvement. Our solution will help create a transparent work environment. Our performance management system will help managers allocate work fairly based on the analysis of the scoring.
Enhance employee engagement: A performance management system can be an addition in employee engagement. If the employees are content with the PMS solution, they are motivated and less likely to leave the organization. Employee engagement is vital to the HR to encourage employee retention. It improves employee’s involvement, commitment, inducing passion and motivation towards the job. This helps inspire the employee to work towards the agency goal.
Increase the number of responsible staff: An efficient performance management system provides the employees with the clarity of what is expected of them, with feedbacks and reviews to perform their task with utmost efficiency. On-going feedback with quality suggestions provides the employee with insights on how to improvise in their job. This will enhance employee growth and development. The HRD can easily align the employee goals with the company goals this way, also gain absolute ease in progress tracking. Improvement in an employee can be induced through training, helping employees learn role-supportive knowledge and improving skills in their current roles.

Beehive’s Performance Management System:

Our performance appraisal suite helps the companies evaluate who of their employees are achieving the said targets and outperforming the expectations. Such employees should be rewarded by means of promotions or incentives etc. The employees that are underperforming can also be traced and such liabilities should be either put under training or under observation so that none of the company’s resources are put to waste. Performance appraisal application is hence essential for every organization in the contemporary times, so that they grow in the same speed as the growth of the economy.

Beehive’s performance appraisal application will help you simplify and streamline your company’s processes and functionalities. Our solution offers such a performance evaluation solution that is comprehensive yet simple to use. Below are some of the many features available in with Beehive:

  • Employee’s performance appraisal cycle can be defined
  • The ratings to be provided to the employees can be defined
  • Appraisal templates can be defined as per Grade/Location/Department.
  • We provide the capability to define thrust and focus in the organisation
  • Workflow can be defined; reviewer of the workflow.
  • Goal Repository as per the company goals and the employee’s responsibilities.
  • Employees can set their own goals and objectives which will be further reviewed by the manager
  • Weightage has to associated to every gold
  • Review and approval by manager/as per workflow defined.
  • Ability to do mid-year and annual review with rating.

We majorly assist in boosting your organization’s performance appraisal that aligns employee goals with organizational goals and also motivates them. Beehive helps boost your organizational performance with performance management technology that aligns employee performance and goals with organizational goals and strategy. Ongoing feedback and trainings help inculcate a sense of responsibility amongst the employee’s in turn helping improve employee performance and engagement.  

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