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Use A Quality Payroll Software

Let’s be honest about it, the hardest thing to manage within a given organisation has to be the human resource. One of the biggest issues regarding employees is payroll management. Now when you’re running a company, you’re looking to earn profits. But if you want to have a long run with the company, you also want your employees to feel at home. You have to create a payroll management system that satisfies all the employees to do so.

As long as their pockets are full, they will be ready to give it all for the company. But what if the funds available to you are limited? What if the growth in profits has gone down? Would you like to cut some part of your employees’ salaries? With the help of the best HR and payroll software in India, you can answer all these questions more effectively. As long as you choose our software at Beehive, you’re going to get a solution that is simple yet effective.

We believe that it is complex to understand payroll management in India on your own. So you will have to take the help of technology. If you choose our online payroll management software, it will bring you the results you deserve.

With the assistance of payroll management services, you can keep a regular check on the payrolls. Since you can track the work that employees have put in and how it has benefited the company, it becomes an easier decision to decide on a pay scale. You can use your funds more efficiently and have a great chance of keeping most of your workers happy.

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Secure and automated payroll engine

Comprehensive Payroll engine

Beehive has end to end payroll processing functionality which is completely integrated with all the supporting functions and this seamless integration reduces the manual payroll inputs to almost zero and gives the highest level of accuracy as an output.

Handling complex calculations:

Beehive is equipped with a word-class configuration engine that helps companies to configure any kind of complex payroll calculation/logic. It can be further defined specifically for the salary group/ category/ department /income slab etc.. and offers complete flexibility to set up the logic effortlessly.


Employees can access Pay-slips with multiple options such as a mobile app, secured ESS portal, or his / her own mailbox. The payroll team can send the bulk email to employees with Pay-slip and further it can be secured with the employee defined password.

TDS & Statutory Compliance

Beehive is comprehensive in terms of making application / helping companies be compliant with all the statutory laws. It will help you with all the payroll related statutory compliances such as PF, PT, ESIC, LWF and Income Tax, Form 16, etc..

Investment Declaration / Tax Calculation

Employees can submit the provisional & actual investment declaration as applicable based upon the joining date and practice of investment verification and tax calculation. Based upon the declared investment amount tax will get calculated as per the applicable slabs automatically without doing any further manual reconciliation/calculation.

Integration with Accounting & Finance system:

Beehive can push the accounting entries to accounting systems based upon the defined JV format. For a few accounting systems, we have our formats ready for the JV input and it can be further modified as per the change request.

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