Yes, You Need an Automated Organization Reporting Chart !

A unified workforce strategy enables the organization to analyze the critical workforce data. This can be achieved with the help of automated organization reporting chart. It helps to view and analyze whole workforce data and organization chart.

An efficient organization reporting charts are advantageous in more than one way. Some of these are:

  1. An accurate view of organization structure: organization data is required for multiple HR tasks. Having organization data seems to be a very simple concept, but fetching it every time can be a tedious job. Automated organization chart lets you visualize your organization structure. It increases efficiency by quick access to reporting structure, headcount analysis, and real-time workforce reporting.
  2. Seamless communicate in the organization: Automated organization charts give a clear view to line managers about the detailed payroll and employee data. Employees can also view organizational information through the system. The culture of transparency helps in facilitating the communication in the organization.
  3. Proper alignment of the corporate strategy: With the help of automated organization chart, strategic decisions are easy to make. It enables your company to adapt to changing business scenarios. With the right data about your workforce in your hand, you can take decisions which are in the best interest of your organization.
  4. Compliant with government and industry regulations: Maintaining compliance with government and industry regulations is very important in today’s market. From the accurate documentation of the reporting structure to roles each employee plays in achieving the goals, automated organisation chart enables you in maintaining complete workforce compliance documentation.
  5. Maintaining workforce data integrity: Employees don’t always stay at the same position. Some get promoted, while some leave. With these ever changing dynamics of the work force, maintaining data can be a daunting task. Automated organization charts capture data from the various sources like HR systems and ERPs and provide a visual representation of the workforce.

With people being the greatest investment in the business today, managing a data is crucial. One should only trust an experienced vendor to implement automated organization reporting charts system. Contact Beehive Software at sales@ or call at +91-22-6699 9525.