Worried about leave management??Beehive Software have some solution

Leave Management is a very important issue in most of the companies. In a certain organization the employees are given leaves due to various reason like sick leave, festive leave, family related leave etc. But it is also necessary to keep in mind that employees are provided with leave after ensuring that sufficient number of employees are always available in company to keep the workflow running.

Now manual leave management systems may not be very accurate always, especially when the number of employees keeps on increasing. So more and more organizations are opting for automated leave management systems. Now, may features are provided in our system which makes it appealing to our clients let’s take a look at them.

Beehive Leave Management System supports browser, android app, windows based interface which empowers the employees. Employees login to their profile and request for leave, the system determines the eligibility of the employee for leave and also ensures that the absence of the employee would not affect the normal workflow of the organization.

Leave management System of Beehive Software provides accurate information about the trends and balances, and forwards it to the HR personnel.

It provides reports to supervisors and helps them to take necessary decisions regarding the organization.

Leave Management System is also linked to the Payroll System of an organization, employees get certain number of days as paid leaves, and beyond that the leaves are provided on certain conditions all this issues are well taken care of in our system.

Leave Management System consist of two critical parts which are configurations and transaction. Here configuration deals with the initial setup of HR policies, whereas transaction deals with the acceptance of leave requests and approvals. Our software handles all such issues after an initial setup.

In case of manual Leave Management there can be some negotiations between the HR Personnel and the employee and it is possible to take advantage of such loopholes , but in case of automated systems no such risks are there everything is done by our software.

Our system is equipped with multi-Location System, if a company has operations in multiple locations it is difficult to keep track of the applications of leave from employees and approval of them. I such cases the Leave management System comes handy.

Our Leave management System deployment in your organization will ensure improved discipline as automated systems provides accurate information about the attendance of an employee. Information such as how many leaves was entitled to him and how many leaves were used up by him are tracked and can be found out by management, now rules depends on the higher management of companies but proper tracking system gives the reports based on which actions can be taken.