Why is attendance management necessary for corporates?

The attendance management system includes an extraordinary significance when we discuss the profitability of an organisation and productivity at the workplace. Tracking the attendance of the workers can enable an organisation to develop and succeed in its individual business space. It further guarantees smooth and productive operations.

With the help of an Attendance Management System, one can be able to supervise the workplace effectively. It is important for managers to know which workers are working, when to anticipate scheduled time off and when they are working. Businesses have many variables to consider because the expense of non-appearance has a more noteworthy effect than the direct expense of profits and wages.

Things that put an indirect impact on the costs of the company include:

    • Scheduling
    • Staffing
    • Lost productivity
    • Re-training
    • Turnover
    • Diminished moral

Gathering of attendance information fills a need past knowing the quantity of hours staff work. This data helps to understand the needs of the workers, excursion drifts and having a review trail for regulatory consistency.

Types of Employee Attendance Reporting

  • Timecard – tracks timer IN and timer OUT the patterns of exceptions, workers, alters by managers
  • Scheduling – a survey of worker work plans, scheduled/actual hours comparison, shift coverage
  • Workforce management –gathering of explicit special benefits, cases, compensation, authentic information
  • Cost tracking – hours, dollars, gross dollars, historical pay
  • Budget forecasts – follow labour planning and budget

Characteristics Of Good Attendance Management System

  • Well-suited with every Bio-metric Hardware
  • Integrated with Leave management, Timesheet & Payroll to ensure the payroll work process is automated
  • Problem free framework which can permit the work of employee from anyplace with a Geo-tagging or Web login
  • Customizable Admin jobs to encourage a worker who dependably takes an additional mile
  • Cloud-based programming with Mobile Extendibility permitting BYOD arrangement for undertakings
  • The framework ought to be Highly Secured without affecting the general Performance.

Reasons to Use Employee Attendance Reporting

The attendance management system is an essential angle inside each organisation that has representatives. Data gathered through this style of announcing can decide if the business is in good shape and if they set it out toward future achievement. Workers are an essential resource and organisations need to realise how to monitor their attendance and time.

By observing attendance, organisations can figure out which workers arrive sooner than required, on schedule or reliably late. Revealing additionally recognises who has the most unlucky deficiencies without giving a legitimate reason. This data helps them to decide which worker perfect for the organisation. Workers who reach at work on time, arranged to satisfy their obligations, implies that day by day errands will be satisfied.

The thorough Attendance Management System can expand profitability and lead to higher benefits. The other side is an organisation that does not have steady data to enable it to build up and survey objectives and goals. Data in this announcing fortifies the case for present and future needs.

The attendance management system can display the following categories:

  • Absentee hours, including the costs of the absence
  • Department or individual overtime hours
  • Departmental hours variance
  • Percentage of absence
  • Length of service
  • Timecard/Hours worked
  • Time allocation breakdown
  • Worked hours, including costs to the employer
  • Vacations, including expenses of outstanding vacations