Why do You Need to Choose a Payroll Software for Your Company

Payroll is one of the core functions of any organizations. Accurately and efficiently processing payroll is a tedious task. With the multiple tasks managed by the HRD, maintaining statutory compliance and processing payroll seamlessly is difficult. A payroll solution can help ease out your work. A robust payroll solution can mold into being a part of your organization. The modern payroll software are generally automatically up to date with the changing trends and compliances. There are some notable benefits of using a payroll solution. Here are some pointers that can help you convince yourself and your C-suite executives of why to opt for a payroll solution:


  • Save on Cost: Payroll solution is additional support to your payroll processes. Mainly for organizations that are looking to save their operational costs. Beehive’s payroll solution assists in processing payroll in some clicks. Now reduce cost that is lost due to unnecessary manual errors made during processing payroll manually. Now keep a track of the leakages in your payroll processing. Also save cost involved in managing unnecessary paper work, why maintain physical documents when digital is an option. No more filing cabinets and additional costs for storage, this will also reduce the risk of data theft and threat to loss of data.


  • Absolutely Customizable: Beehive’s payroll software can be molded the way you want to fit your organization. Our software processes basis pre defined masters. The masters are configurable keeping your company policies in mind. All the payroll rules and compliances can be set in the system itself. Avoid time frauds and also keep track of the changing employment laws as your software shall always be up to date with the government compliances as well. Payrolls are too diverse to fit into one pre-set bundle. It is vital to choose a solution that is configurable to your exclusive payroll needs. Like incorporating diverse payroll schedules, or sustaining your company workflow. The scalability of our solution helps accommodate your growing employee needs as your grow. As your needs change, it changes with you.


  • Enhanced Security: All of the data related to payroll processing is highly sensitive. This data can be misused and the security of this data should be priority of any organizations. Using the right Payroll Software Solution provides an extra layer of security. It prevents the disclosure of data, as it is stored securely with the assistance of unique IDs and passwords. Our solution is certified in maintaining utmost safety of the data with back up maintaining business resilience.


  • Easy Accessibility: Payroll and HR tend to work hand-in-hand. All of the successful businesses recognize the advantages of integrating payroll and other administrative tasks together. Beehive is your solution to both your HR and payroll needs. In case you are already associated with HR or payroll software, Beehive is also easily integratable with any third party solution. Providing your employees with easy access to their own data and documents has many benefits. Employees get instant answers to their queries and increasing transparency.

Payroll was always thought as a stressful and a time consuming task for people processing payroll. Beehive’s payroll software has made life simpler for them. The managers can spend their time in better activities than monitor tasks that the software can help in tracking. With automation of your payroll processing, you can remove the mundane tasks associated with importing and exporting, you can reduce your time spent on entering information and eliminate work-flow struggles to improve operational efficiencies. Once the automation is in place, you don’t have to do anything else!