Why Candidate Experience Is More Important Than Now Ever

Recruitment is used to be all about the employer. But now, candidates are leading the show. In point of fact, the market is rapidly turning out to be a candidate-driven. So candidate experience is more important than ever.
. But, what is candidate experience? It’s all about how job seekers understand your recruitment process, and it influences what they think about you as an employer. Is the process simple? Or is it difficult and frustrating? Having an excellent candidate experience is imperative. Simply put, it is the results of all interactions that you have with job seekers during the hiring process.
The hiring process of many companies is not focused on candidate experience. And when the candidates have a negative experience with the hiring process, they don’t hesitate to post reviews on the social media. This is denying companies to attract the preferred candidates.
With anytime anywhere access to the Internet and social media, dissatisfied candidates have become more expressive about their experiences with the companies during the interviews. Their experience during the hiring process decides their willingness to join the company. The negative online reviews will not encourage other job seekers to apply and impact a company’s recruitment goals.
Candidates express about their experiences, starting right from the online application process to responses post interviews. Some of the negative experiences like not receiving a basic application confirmation, weak and inconsistent communication or not getting any communication, etc. A good communication is the key for a positive candidate experience. A study also says that “communication” is crucial for engaging talent.
Follow below some tips for better engagement: • The communication should be logical and reliable and create trust between you and the job seekers. • Don’t make promises if you can’t keep them. • Reduce unrelated or unnecessary words while speaking or in the email. • Convey gratitude for the candidates’ time and interest in your company. • Go for a well-written confirmation email.
Consider interview as an opportunity for a great communication. Remember, the interview should be a two-way street. Whether the candidate experience is excellent or poor, candidates will share their experiences online. So, proactively address negative online reviews.
On the other hand, candidates who had a positive candidate experience will like to have a relationship with a brand’s network. Not only that, but also refer someone in the future and the candidates will apply again. The talent pool is very small and the candidate experience has grown more and more crucial. To give candidate a positive experience, companies should enhance each area right from brand awareness to recruitment and onboarding. Also, they should treat the candidates in a way that they feel like they are communicating with the confident and knowledgeable people of a company during the hiring process. This helps companies better compete for the top talent.