Why Automation of Payroll is Essential?

Employees are your company’s biggest asset and as such, they need to be engaged, motivated and developed to be retained. Employee costs are the single greatest expense within most organizations so having timely and accurate payroll is key and it is vital that it is an efficient and seamless process. Every organization continuously changes and across any change there is an impact on your employees, so the HR organization’s biggest challenge is currently how they successfully manage change. HR now need to be able to translate change into a communicable format to enable their employee to understand why and what change will mean for them. The change will sit across all areas within a business but within HR the attraction, the on boarding and the retention of employees is one of the top challenges and poor payroll is cited as one of the key areas that can have a hugely negative impact on an employee’s satisfaction by eroding trust and inspiring doubt.

Running accurate and timely payroll consistently is a mandate, and the challenges surrounding it continue to be a hindrance to not only payroll but HR professionals as well. Not getting the essential processes right only creates more stress and pressure. Understanding the key challenges and ensuring your organization is properly prepared to deal with them – is critical.

With automation you can remove the mundane tasks associated with importing and exporting, you can reduce your time spent on entering information and eliminate work-flow struggles to improve operational efficiencies.The beauty of an automated integration with your payroll and general ledger platforms is the data flow. Once the automation is in place, you don’t have to do anything else.

Beehive is India’s best payroll management software. It’s unmatched in it’s simplicity and tackles all aspects of the payroll process. Below are the features of Beehives’ Payroll Management Software:

  • Payroll & Taxation
  • Simple tax declarations
  • Easy expense claims and reimbursements
  • Benefits Management
  • Compliant with Indian statutory laws
  • Detailed analytics and MIS reporting
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Beehives’ modules
  • Custom built integrations available
  • Flexible compensation structure (Benefits/Allowance Management)

The biggest strength of Beehives’ payroll software module is its flexibility and power to handle any type of salary structure. We guarantee that your requirements will be perfectly addressed to. Choosing the right payroll software can save your time, efforts and increase productivity becoming organization’s unique asset and your best friend.

Get rid of spreadsheets and automate your payroll now with Beehive!