Why are Employee Self Service (Employee Management Software) Portals important for your company?

Employee Self Service is a feature that is available with most of the modern Employee Management Software – most commonly known as Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). It is a portal through which employees can sign in to their accounts and access their human resources data which is employee specific. This data generally includes taxes, benefits, payroll information and lots more. It helps simplify a number of issues and helps employees gain clarity into their data. They can manage certain tasks by ‘self-service’ such as submitting their paid time off requests to the approving manager or downloading their payment statements etc.

Common features of Employee Management Software

  • Employees can use the ESS portal to quickly change things like their contact number, address and other similar information.
  • Although approval may be needed, it is very convenient for employees to access the portal and make the necessary changes.
  • It allows employees to view the scheduling and payroll information.
  • It allows employees to submit their time off requests and allows managers to check and approve them instantly.

Benefits of Employee Management Software

When ESS is successfully implemented, a company may see immediate changes in the productivity and efficiency of an organization.
A number of labour hours are saved and the frustration of manually handling little – little business things is eliminated.
Employees can access this portal from anywhere and at any time, thus giving them the convenience of having important information available and boosts the feelings of empowerment.
Entry errors can be avoided by allowing employees to enter their own information.
When recruitment and onboarding are handled through an HRMS software and is directly integrated with a self-service portal, will improve the efficiency and accuracy of those processes too.
Drawbacks of Employee Self Service Portals

One of the greatest drawbacks of employee management software is the required amount of time to ensure that every employee understands how to use it. The rollout process could cost the company a lot of time and money. The ESS portal must be frequently used by the employees in order to derive the benefits for the organization. If employees do not understand completely how to use the employee management software, communication gaps are created and hence it is important to bring everyone on the same page while implementing the software.

Before selecting the Employee Management Software for this purpose, it is important to conduct thorough research. Research what your employees want and what they expect to get in an automated form. Research the skills of the employees and analyze whether they will be able to learn the software and use it effectively. This will help you select the right Employee Management Software for your organization.

Further, it is highly essential that you check out your budgeting constraints and understand which software is suitable for you.

If you are looking for an Employee Management Software for your organization, contact us today and we can discuss your requirements in detail.