What Counts A Robust HCM Platform?

The disjointed HR processes and employee information across various files, spreadsheets and systems make it difficult for the companies to take right decisions at the right time. Heightening this challenge, siloed systems for recruiting, performance assessment, reimbursement, payroll, leave and attendance management, and other HR functions make it even harder for accurate reporting.
On the other hand, achieve strategic goals are becoming a huge problem for the companies that are using the disparate human capital management (HCM) systems. Companies, often, make purchase decisions based on good functionality and widgets, but many of those don’t enhance the employee experience.
An HCM Platform is counted as ‘robust’ when it:
• Supports forward-thinking and growth focused businesses.
• Minimizes complexity and streamlines HR processes like hiring, performance management, payroll management, leave and attendance management, development and training, reimbursement also provides features for HR administration, employee self service and reporting. Typically, the breadth of HCM functionality is much broader allowing a more holistic approach to managing an organization’s workforce, describing it as “hire to retire”.
• Comes with an open architecture and flexible configuration options, helping an organization meet the exact needs. • Breaks down processing siloes and delivers relevant and useful employee experience.
• Is User-friendly and allows you to automate processes you are currently performing manually.
• Allows immediate supervisors or line managers to track employee historic performance targets and metrics.
• Benefits your employees and your HR team by integrating and streamlining HR functions from recruiting through retirement.
• Drives widespread efficiencies, increases transparency, and provides real-time reporting for critical decision-making.
Companies across all industries have started leveraging the HCM platforms to attract and retain top talent, engage the workforce, and manage all their employees. While there are many HCM software platforms in the market today, key differences can adversely affect business operations.
When you are choosing an HCM solution, ensure that it is customizable as per your current payroll rules and policies. And also ask yourself whether the HCM system is able to meet your needs. Look at the one which provides an engaging way for your employees and HR teams to stay connected in the areas that are crucial to human and company performance. In other words, a Human Capital Management platform should help you with a complete visibility into your people, keep them engaged and help them grow.
A cloud-based HCM platform can be approached to lower costs, access the system on-the-go, boost employee engagement and unify operations.