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Beehive’s Human Resource Management Software comprises of comprehensive and user-friendly functionalities. Our Employee self-service platform facilitates the employees to access crucial HR information in order to facilitate the functioning of some key HR activities like applying for leave applications, regularizing attendance, access to their pay stubs, disclosing investment declarations, booking travel tickets, claiming for reimbursements and their status and history, access to employee directory, which helps enhance transparency helping instil a sense of loyalty in the employee towards the organization.

The self-service functionality helps in reducing the usage of paper, no more wastage of time and energy in fling and managing paperwork, increasing employee happiness quotient as the employee’s will be content with the faster processing of HR formalities. Self Service helps in reducing paperwork and improving employee satisfaction by faster processing of various HR formalities. It helps reduce the direct dependency of employees on the HR department, as most of the data is available on their dashboard. Beehive’s HRMS is a must for any organization aiming to streamline their HR process.

Beehive provides for a fully customizable platform making it user friendly with ease in use, minimal training requirement, loved by employees, HR professionals, managers and admin staff. Our portal and application are absolutely easy to use making it simpler for the managers and the employees to access required data at any given point of time. Our system provides the scope to configure the most complex and detailed logics with ease. It is generally said that the more detail the setup, the less work later to maintain the data.

Beehive’s HRMS portal is a blessing for the employees and the organization at large as it makes all of the process related work simpler. The staff would not be required to go to the human resource department to get access to their own information or to attain some clarity related to the HR activities, also the HRD will not be required to publish policies on sets of paper, saving paper and broadcasting the changes in policies and new notifications with ease. Communication amongst the entire organization shall be streamlined.

With all of the data be stored in a unified stage, accessing the data for the employees and the employers become absolutely easy. No more struggling with paper and filing cabinets to get fragmented data, with our application all of the data can be retrieved within seconds. This helps save time, money and efforts of the organization. Easy access to data is vital to making informed decisions. The reports and analytics of our solution is interlinked with the rest of the system giving the directors of the organization a grass root level understanding of the organizations operations and processes.

The apt human resource and payroll solution must be user-friendly, making it easy to detect mistakes with ease, and reducing the pressure of maintaining compliance. Our human resource management solution can be easily integrated with any other solution and unifying the data making it easier to generate reports and provides more informative insights.