Travel & Expense

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Travel is one of the core activities of most organisations. It could be either for a business deal, Client servicing etc. with the globe getting smaller everyday organisations prefer having a touch base at every location they can access. Employees that have been asked to travel or have a requirement to travel in relation to work, they need to put in an approval for the same. This travel request then shall go to the concerned stakeholder for approval. Every organisation has a pre-defined travel policy. This policy helps define the workflow, reporting’s and the concerned stakeholders with relation to travel. Once these travel requests are approved, it is the administrations staffs responsibility to arrange for the bookings of the tickets, hotel etc. These are cases where advance requests too are there which are routed as per company policies. Some organisations provide for advance on travel as defined in the policy whilst some companies provide for reimbursement on the expenses against invoices of the borne expenses.

The HRD is already known to handle multiple tasks, handling all of this manually and tracking the same becomes difficult without automation. Beehive’s travel and expense application automates the entire process of travel right from the requisition to return. We allow the HR to define the travel policy and the system shall be configured basis that. Travel rules shall be set as per the policies of their organization. Our travel and expense application has no limitations when it comes to configurations, ours is a masters driven software and hence the entire application can be designed as per your requirements.

Beehive’s travel and expense application allows you to submit a request for travel which is then routed to the immediate superior for approval, this request can also be configured to notify other concerned departments. The stakeholders can then view this request and decide if there is a need for the travel or not and approve or disapprove accordingly. In case the request has been approved an intimation shall be given to all the concerned departments like administration for the bookings, finance for the amounts to be sanctioned etc. Data shall flow seamlessly from one department to the other without needs of doing double entries helping dodge errors.

Based on the workflow defined as per the organisation the finance department genrally sanctions some amount as advance or shall update the individual traveling with the policy by uploading it on the dashboard. Post travel the employees are expected to submit their travel and expense statements online which after validation shall be refunded. With Beehive’s mobile app employees can upload the invoices on the go and apply for reimbursements while on travel.

In our solution you can view all of the travel requests and history of an indiview the requests, attendance, leave etc. of all their employees under my team tab. Managers can plan the employees travel in a way without harming the headcount of the firm. All of the employee’s reimbursement requests shall be under one head making it easier for the employee to track.