Top trends and challenges in Performance Management

When it comes to performance management, fairness and accuracy play a very important role.  It is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work in accordance to the company’s ultimate goals. The entire process needs to be fair and very practical. For example, goal setting should include practically achievable goals and must also be aligned to the organization’s greater goals.

It’s not a surprise that many organizations continuously change and constantly update their performance management systems. Well, in today’ s dynamic business scenario trends are constantly changing and pose a number of challenges for implementing a fair and square performance management system.

Here, let’s explore some of the most common trends and challenges in today’s performance management systems and why each one of them can or cannot add value to your organization:

Web based systems

Web based systems are definitely preferred. They facilitate collection of information and provide a common platform for the same. This greatly increases the consistency as everyone in the process is using the same basis for performance management. This will greatly improve the perceptions of fairness and accuracy within your organization.

Rating scales

One of the most common challenges for every organization is the decision regarding creating a fair rating scale. Here are a few tips to get you started. Well, whether you use a numeric rating scale or a descriptive one, make sure that each point of the rating is defined. This will ensure that employees know exactly how good their work is and where they need to improve to get to the excellence ‘bar’.

Regular reviews

Annual performance reviews seem to be the most common means of conducting evaluations. Organizations wait until the end of the year to let the employees know where they need to improve and what changes need to be made in order to achieve their goals and targets. A better approach is to continuously monitor performance and make adjustments on the way. Addressing poor performances immediately can ensure that you get results – sooner.

Finding the right tools

If organizations need to maintain accuracy and fairness in performance evaluations, they need to also ensure that all employees are evaluated for the same parameters – for the same jobs. This is only possible with the use of automated performance management software.

Performance management is one of the mandatory tasks for any organization. This means that it needs to be done regardless of anything. Well, performance evaluations encourage employees to upgrade their skills and competencies to match the organization’s expectations and the job demands. With the right tools in hand, organizations can accurately identify the top performance and also pin point the training needs for those employees who aren’t doing so well. It is hence important that there be a common platform on which all employees are evaluated and rated.

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