Top benefits of HRMS mobile application for HR today

HRMS Mobile app can help organization grow in many ways. By using their mobile app, employees can easily access their payroll data, leaves, attendance, documents, transactions, communication, updates etc. With HRMS mobile app, managers need not to worry about daily manual reports, they can very easily stay updated on using their mobile app. An organization has typical processes involves in HR but HRMS mobile app solves all of them.

Mobile phone has precisely become the mostly visited place in today’s techno friendly world. Whether personal or professional, things are moving ahead on mobile phones, especially android, IOS phones. On the professional part, mobile phones help HR of a company to keep their employees in one loop. Here is where HRMS mobile app holds a special position.

Like any other mobile application, HRMS mobile app can be downloaded from play store and can be initiated with the use of login credentials of an organization. Employees can download their pay slips, check HR policies, available leaves, mark attendance, check task updates etc. The main goal of HRMS mobile apps is to make employees more proficient by assigning tasks through mobile apps. They get sufficient time to work on assigned work and they can easily update the work on mobile app. Implementing HRMS mobile app is a win-win situation for both HR and employees. Let’s learn few more benefits;

  • Through and through communication: A work place is filled with communications. Some are important many are not. Very often managers do not keep a proper touch point with each employee due to lack of proper process. HR is a guiding force for employees in an organization and thus should be able to reach out to employees anytime and from anywhere. HRMS mobile apps makes it very much possible. Basically, communication happens round-the-clock with HRMS mobile app. Managers need not to wait for any employee too connect to their laptops for client or project updates. Every update can be seen on mobile app.
  • Employee Leave Management: Managing leaves of employees is a core function of HR in a company. Entering daily attendance to the payroll for successful rollout of salaries is a typical task. The HRMS mobile app helps in managing leaves of employees in mobile phone itself.
    • HRMS mobile app allows users to log in to the systems in case they are travelling, so the HR knows that the person is out of office
    • In case employee wants leave, they can apply for leave directly
    • The mobile app also allows employees to manage their attendance on-the-go
  • Efficient Employee Management: HRMS mobile app is a connection between employees and the employers. If you know what the employees seek, you can provide it to them in a better way through the app. It can help you seek feedback by asking employees to fill out questionnaires and survey forms on regular basis as well as give them space to engage better through activities and models. You can even measure the engagement of the employees and try to engage the ones that are still disconnected.
  • ‘Team Calendar’ Improves Collaboration: Enabling ‘Team Calendar” feature in the HRMS mobile app allows managers and co-workers to view other employees’ leave request. Full visibility into team’s absence, helps team collaboration and resource planning for any project.

Conclusion: If you are planning HRMS mobile app for your HR department, make sure to understand what type of app you want, and which modules you want to include. If you are making an employee-centric app, then you need to identify the features that need automation. If it is a model defined for the department, then you need to identify the tasks that will help the HR increase employee engagement. Basically, having a clear idea about your HRMS software or app will help in the process. Thorough planning, followed by a good execution should help you model your HR mobile app.



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