Top 5 Features of Efficient Biometric Attendance System

Employee attendance was only trackable with pen and paper sheets in the past. Businesses are now choosing biometric attendance systems to minimize time theft and reduce lost productivity costs. Even though biometrics cannot be considered a foolproof solution, the advantages of biometric attendance systems outweigh any possible downsides.

Managing and monitoring attendance will quickly become a nightmare with hundreds of employees and piles of attendance records. Today, technology has made it possible to simplify tasks through numerous software solutions.

It is important to move from manual attendance management of “paper and ink” to a biometric attendance system integrating a scanner and biometrics. It should be dependent on biometrics-iris, face, and fingerprints for the attendance of all employees worldwide, irrespective of brand name or industry.

Designers and developers are already implementing biometrics-based software applications to provide various features.

Discover these five biometric attendance features and their details by looking at these top 5 entries. Take a look!

1. Number of stored fingerprints

It is essential to choose a biometric time tracking system that can store and verify many fingerprints, even if your company has just a few employees. As your business grows over the years, this device will be able to accommodate more employees.

2. Safety & storage capacity

When choosing a biometric system, you should consider the storage capacity. You can select the appropriate system capacity depending on the business architecture and number of employees. In any case, you should choose storage devices with larger capacities in case your business grows. It will ensure there is room for new staff members in the event of expansion.

ZktecoK14 fingerprint USB port TCP/IP biometric attendance device  fingerprint time attendance with RFID card function (T8) - Online Shopping

3. Identification time

Biometric attendance systems are successful when the biometric machine can identify each individual in a short amount of time. For accurate time-keeping, look for devices that can capture fingerprint data within a fraction of a second and upload it to the server. An individual can be identified by Matrix COSEC Face Recognition in just 2 seconds.

There should be multiple modes of biometric verification in addition to fingerprints, such as palm, facial, and voice recognition. The Touchless Biometric technology using palm and facial recognition will drastically decrease the spread of bacteria from one person to another, thereby eliminating hygiene concerns for users. 

4. Integration with payroll management systems

A payroll management system will need to process all biometric system attendance data eventually. Therefore, it is necessary to look for easy payroll and time attendance devices to integrate for effortless payroll calculations.

The system’s data is essential for improving the efficiency of HR payroll management systems. It is easier for HR teams to calculate employee salaries quickly and accurately with the attendance details of employees. You can simplify payroll computations by choosing systems that directly send information to HR payroll software.

5. Internet & USB connectivity

A biometric device can operate by either a wired or wireless connection. Wireless devices contain an internal battery instead of wired devices powered directly by the power supply. No matter what type of backup you use, having a backup battery can ensure seamless operation even during an outage.

A biometric fingerprint sensor must have Internet connectivity. A digital clock-in/clock-out sensor transmits employees’ clock-in/clock-out times via the internet to the attendance and payroll system. You must connect a functioning device to the internet to be updated and maintained free of bugs.

Biometric systems attendance must be able to communicate with other platforms, such as payroll software and attendance systems, over the Internet or WiFi. Additionally, USB connectivity boosts data transfer to computers or external storage devices for those who wish to backup their data.


Time has become a vital component for running a successful business in this competitive environment. The human resource management process is estimated to take up to 50% of an organization’s time and effort, especially within large organizations.

To facilitate their workforce’s flexible and efficient operation, many organizations are adopting biometric time attendance solutions. Companies need to depend on manual payroll calculations that are time-consuming and error-prone with no biometric systems. However, biometric attendance systems offer much more accurate solutions to payroll management that are much simpler.

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