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Timesheet Management

Timesheets are used in an organization to get hourly updates of the work being done by your employees. This way, you can trace the progress of the tasks that you have assigned to your employees as well as the amount of time that they have to complete the same. These are used for time management as well. The data gathered from these timesheets can be used for the following purposes:

  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Performance review
  • Billing

This way, you can easily segregate the tasks that take up the maximum amount of time. When you have a Cloud-based time tracking system your employees can enter time quickly no matter what device they are on.

How can Beehive’s timesheet management application help you in this regard?

With the help of our timesheet management application you would be able to automate your time management related activities and thanks to the detailed timesheets it would also be a lot easier to schedule tasks. With automation, you would be able to save both time and money. At the same time, it helps you be accurate in your calculations. There is a lot that our timesheet management application can do. Those functionalities may be mentioned as below:

  • Setting a tenure for a task
  • Generating reports basis the accumulated data
  • Analyzing the timesheet
  • Recording the activities according to the plan and execution
  • Approving the timesheet

Our system also allows you to export this data to other locations and that too in different file formats. It is also equipped with graphs and charts, and that is how you can analyze the available data a lot better.

Empower your team

Our timesheet management application is a great way to empower your team because this way you let them take ownership of the work that has been assigned to them. This way you can let them access all the data regarding the amount of time they are taking to complete certain work. Apart from that, they can monitor such data as well. With this system, they can easily enter the details and compare it with the deadline within which they were supposed to complete the work. This, in turn, helps them get a clear picture of how well they are performing. The employees can use this as a challenge and try and find ways in which they can improvise on the job so that they can finish it within a shorter time. This system also helps the managers identify tasks that are either redundant or take up way too much time. This helps in efficiently engaging the team and this means some remarkable improvement in this regard as well. This also means that your employees become a lot more responsible when it comes to improving their own performance.

Keeping track of things

It is common knowledge that when a job leaves a desk it can become very difficult to keep track of the same. It is hard to know who did the work and also document the complete work as such. Quite often many people may be working on the same project. In that case, it also becomes extremely difficult to identify an error. However, our solution makes it easier for your employees to provide details of the kind of work that they have done on a project. This also makes it very easy for you to trace and track all mistakes done in a particular project. The web-based nature of our product also helps you access this data from just about anywhere you please. Our timesheet application happens to be a tool as robust as any. It allows everyone in your company to access HR (Human Resource) projects and finish the work that they have been assigned over there. This way, your HR project manager has total control of the assigned projects and can view them from start to finish. It helps them find out if things are going as per plan or not. When you are successful in time tracking it means that you can record all the data related to your business. If you wish to run your company in an efficient manner data management is always going to be a critical tool. It helps you see if there is any variability in your organization and helps you make the most of your operations as well. This helps you get the best possible results as well. Beehive offers you the best possible combination of time tracking, reporting tools, and task management so that you can manage your work and business the right way.

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