Times Are Changing: The Future of Performance Management and Reviews

As more and more job positions require employees with deeper expertise, more independent judgment and better problem solving skills, many businesses have understood the value of employee evaluations. Today, most companies follow the traditional evaluation process, where goals are set at the beginning of the year, and then the statistics are pulled out at the end of the year to justify their performance. One year is considered quite a long time and too many months have passed before the analysis is done and a final rating is given. This leaves the employees in a powerless position and they wait anxiously while they wait for the result. This method had a lot of inconsistencies and by the time the data was pulled for evaluations, a lot of things had changed.

The times are changing

Surely the times are changing and the future of performance management definitely is different than what it used to be in the past. It will evolve to more continuous conversations between the leaders and their team members rather than an annual conversation. Performance management in the future will not be an event that is awaited. It is a real time process that focuses on correcting what’s wrong instantly, rather than waiting. It focuses on employee development and personalizing the career experience for employees. In trying to perfect all the little glitches on the way, organizations gain a greater goal of growth and success.

Time to focus on the future – not on the past

Well, the traditional performance management systems majorly focused on the past year and what the employee did or did not do during that time. The time has come where organizations are focusing more on effective coaching for higher performance that will be a more sustainable solution for the future and ultimately responds to business challenges more effectively. There will be a continuous feedback loop between strategy and individual capability and competencies will develop which will fundamentally change the ways in which leaders and their team members interact. The idea is to get everyone on board on the growth mindset. It’s not only about the leaders, but also about the entire organization understanding where they are headed.

For years, people have been realizing that the traditional performance management systems are not sustainable. A one size fits all approach does not work the best and each organization is focusing on creating a customized, continuous and consistent evaluation process to maximize their results.
It has also become imperative to use performance management software in order to combat all the challenges faced by organizations to keep up with stats and employee data. This software gives you an at a glance data so you know where your team members stand during each cycle of evaluations and can focus on what needs to be done to make amendments – soon.
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