The perfect HCM solution offered by Beehive Software

Most of the companies understands that human resource is the most valuable asset for the company. If hired and trained in proper manner company can acquire exponential growth. So automatically companies are trying to invest resources in training of newly hired employees. But at the same time it must also be taken care of that such investments must come to the benefit of the organizations. Here comes the role of Human Capital Management software, this software contains a complex array of algorithms for acquisition, tracking and development of employees which effectively automate and streamlines the process.

Following are the complete details of our HCM Package:-

1. Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

HRIS is an integral part of Human Capital Management package. Whatever be the size of organization from 10 employees to 10000 employees it is extremely important to keep organized information of the employees. We have perfect software with all the features that any organization may want in its HRIS. Also if any organization have some extra requirements that can also be integrated by our developers.

2. Organizational reporting chart System:-

This system is very much useful for organizations. In this system we have tried to show the overall inputs of data in a pictorial manner. Here various forms of graphs are being used to understand the current situation of the organization. Special care is being taken while designing the interface in extremely easy way so that even if it is shown to someone who was not involved with the internal details of the company will also understand the conveyed information easily. This chart systems are very useful in case of presentations, showing the reports to clients to attract investment for the organization

3. Payroll Management Software developed by Beehive Software is really ingenious as a system. This system is highly impressive to our customers. The payroll management system of Beehive is very easy to understand an extremely accurate as well. The processing is really fast , the calculations are done absolutely in accordance to the local government rules, after giving some basic inputs almost everything is automated, the payroll software is integrated with attendance, loans, reimbursements and advances of employees which makes it extremely reliable.

4. Employee Reward and recognition system – This is vital for any organization to ensure long term commitment from employees. Our system is highly accurate in every aspect by which a reward and recognition system can be judged. Beehive kept the user interface simple and easy to understand. Our system will help an organization to identify the employee who is eligible to get the reward. Then we also have algorithms to identify employees who achieve their targets regularly this is the part of recognition algorithm. We also believe that short term rewards help a company to gain long term commitment from employee so we have options to cater that as well. And finally after recognition and appraisal the moral boost obtained helps the employee to contribute more for company. Also it ensures a competition among employees to work better for company which in turn increases the overall performance of organization.

5. Employee exit system is also well managed by Beehive. There are various formalities when an employee files for exit like resignation, serving notice period, obtaining NOC etc. Out software takes care off all such formalities.