The Human Resource Software of 2019

The future of work is changing – quickly and irrevocably.
Developments such as social media, mobile working and cloud connectivity have already altered how, where and when people work.

The core role of an HR team hasn’t changed much over the decades, but the technological solutions associated with HR activities continue to advance by leaps and bounds.

Human resource software or HR software is designed to ease the HR activities. There are multiple roles to be performed from recruiting, onboarding, payroll, time management, performance, and mainly retention. For the smooth flow of these functions Human resource software has become a necessity. Imagine if every employee in your organisation performed 1% better, or even 10% better.

Organizations that use traditional methods to process business functions often experience relatively low employee engagement levels and slow progress in overall business performance. HR needs to act more like a Marketing expert – understand employee needs, offer tailored solutions, and establish a relationship before selling a solution. HR can offer digital transformations to engage employees and improve their experiences.

Beehives’ Human resource software is the future of HR Technology. Beehive provides an ‘all-in-one’, unified strategy to the consumer is a single-system with a common UI (user interface), various reporting and analytical tools, a single database, customizable workflow engine, a unique login, a mobile app, an absolutely secure model , one vendor relationship and one customer service team for system support and training. Beehives’ Human resource software helps in unlocking the employee’s full potential.

Digital disruption is changing the way tasks and processes are completed, so you need to look at the roles within your organisation, and establish how they are likely to change in the near future. The upcoming ecosystem of this software-driven market has made organizations innovative, cost effective and efficient.

The modern day Human resource software in India is more employee centric over traditional systems. With an increased inclination towards a digital workplace, Gen Z employees are kept engaged with the view to retain. Driven by this, the HR platforms are also changing – shift from cloud to mobile; explosion into analytics, the emergence of videos, behavioral economics and the experience they deliver, all have been contributing to the greater good of people management.

Over time, HRs have realized that their ability to expand the future of the organization is through how well they can harness the data of the employees. Human resource software have the potential to impact the business outcomes in an enormous way.
Mobile accessibility has further worked to transform the landscape of HR, putting information and task management at the fingertips of employees and managers. Human resource software has helped to effectively break down bureaucracy and “flatten” many organizations.

Human resource software has transformed from mere administrators to the biggest influencer in making data-driven decisions, and accelerate business performance. Human resources need to redesign the ways people work. Introduce Human resource software platforms to simplify work, improve employee experience, build engaged workforce, and use data to support informed decision making!

We’re in the final two weeks before we all close for New years, so time is precious. That being said, we at Beehive think business owners should take a look at how the end of this year is shaping up so they can position their businesses for a strong finish and set themselves up for a good start to 2019.