How Task management tools have become best productivity tools for employees?

“Productivity is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.”- Dan S Kennedy
Technology is evolving and so do we. It has become a necessity as we all feel incomplete without its involvement. Be it our personal or professional life, mobile applications are now our digital mates. Organizations now consider cloud based tools for their analysis and automation. When it comes to managing projects and tasks, there must be a dedicated tool which acts as a platform to receive information and, keep the update and provide the required analytics. Effective use of Task Managers not only provides systematic reports but also helps your employees to maintain their productivity level.Nowadays its has become important for business to have task management tool to increase employee productivity and track their performance.

1.Transparency in Project updates is the key:

Your employees are without any doubt strong branches of the tree grown by you. In this culture where everyone has started managing their work from remote locations, for you it will be difficult to maintain transparency within the team. Every piece of information is important when a new project is welcomed. Dependency on process rather than people is better in assignment of tasks and deadlines. Automated task management tools will not create any type of miscommunications and will maintain a transparency with respect to updates.

2.Flexibility of Task Management Tools:

Though there are many applications and solutions available in market today, you must select a Cloud Based Task Management which has maximum automation and is flexible as the ultimate users are your people. Few features can include:

  • Dashboard to display a snapshot all projects with status
  • File attachment feature.
  • Escalation matrix
  • Timesheet
  • Updates on single screen
  • User-wise status
  • Project-wise status
  • Status-wise reports/graphs

let us make one thing clear that overall experience should be smooth for you and for your team as ultimate results are to be expected by your people. This will at the end save their time which they can manage wisely.

3.Progress of Project is all time Visible:

This is why Cloud Based solutions are winning the market today. Even if the project moves an inch, you will be able to view the progress the same moment. You will get to know who has updated. How much work is done? How much is pending? And who is the next responsible person to take it over. It will also help your team to keep themselves well updated.

4.Team will become Super-Efficient and Accountable:

Let’s check the basics and understand what it takes to make your team more efficient?

  • Clear Communication
  • Elimination of unwanted information
  • Forecasting the issues
  • Leading the team rather than assigning
  • Allocation of tasks on the basis of strengths of resources
  • Planning and Prioritizing

A few pointers to keep in mind and you are sorted! Your Task Management tool will always be there as your backbone.

Allocation of tasks will become easier: Being a manager is not an easy task and on the top of it being a ‘good one’ is not at all. If you keep all your projects categorized and all your tasks systematic, it will be easier for you to allocate right tasks to right resources. At the same time your team will start their work with better clarity and planning. When work is organized, employees feel passionate about working and give better results every day.


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