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Once your HRD (Human Resource Department) has recruited a prospect this department has to provide the person the right values as well as make the most of the talent that she or he has. The only way your organization would grow is when the individuals working there are growing as well. The process of talent management is one where you hire the right talent for a particular position and retain her or him while making sure that you are improving the skills of the individual. This process is inclusive of the following:
The database normally contains information that is personally identifiable such as the following:
Apart from these you also need to present your employees enough opportunities for growth and development so that you can retain them. Every person working in the management of your organization is equally responsible for this and makes a significant contribution to the function of talent management.

What is the process of talent management in an organization made up of?

The whole process of talent management in your organization can be divided into 3 broad steps that may be enumerated as below:
In the first step, you can make the most of your recruitment process. When you can accurately identify the deficiencies in the skill set of people working in your company you have a better idea of the posts that have to be filled. You also know the time by when the post has to be filled as well as the right person for the job in question. In the second point, you have to find the right kind of people who would be able to make your organization more productive and efficient. In the third point, you need to be able to find people who are always hungry to learn and provide them the right scope to do so. There has to be a constant and continued process of knowledge sharing in your organization. With the help of these efforts, you can be sure you would be able to retain more employees and engage them a lot better.

How can the Beehive HRMS help?

There is a lot that our HRMS (Human Resource Management System) can help you within this particular context. It can help you in the following areas:
This helps you recruit, develop, and retain the best employees for your organization keeping in mind the strategic priorities and goals that you have.

How can our performance appraisal suite help you?

With the help of our performance appraisal suite, you can determine which employees are achieving the targets you have set and who are the ones who are performing better than what they are expected to do. It is very important that you reward such employees by way of incentives and promotions, to name a few. This system also helps you find out which employees are performing below par. You can train them or monitor them thus making sure that your company resources are not being squandered away. Thus you can see how important performance appraisal is for your company especially in this day and age. It helps you grow at the same speed as the economy is growing.

Our learning and development application

Our learning and development application is based on an employee based skill matrix that is predefined. It is supposed to test their competence concerning various factors such as the following:
The intensity of training, in this case, is based on the employees.

Our goal-setting application

Our goal-setting application is beneficial for managers as well as the employees. You can set various milestones against a single goal. This system also helps you track the progress of your employees on a real-time basis. The supervisors can provide their feedback and reviews concerning the goals that are expected to help guide the employees stay in line with your organizational vision. The basic aim of talent management is to enhance the skills of the employees. It is supposed to establish the right people in the right position and that too at the right time.

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