Survey & polls

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If an organisation is provided with functional employee engagement data of their organisation, they will lead a successful team which will contribute immensely in the organisations overall vision. The organisation will be able to build a positive work culture by understanding the tem better. Most of the companies these days use a lot of influential data to become successful sooner, on the other hand there are also many organisations relying on their seniority’s intuition of the company’s future. None of the forbes500 companies have become successful relying on intuition alone, some powerful data and metrics can help you lead the race.
Beehive’s survey and polls application is completely based on the data your employees shall provide, this data shall be highly confidential and the system will generate the survey question should be thought using social sciences which have been based on scientific dimensions, this application can be used to target the true engagement points instead of just mere job satisfaction of the employee

The application helps bifurcate the data, to get a better understanding of the employees. The main categories should be based on tenure, team, department, generation, supervisors and locations. This will help locate a bird’s eye view of the minute issues at the grass root level. Our application can further help you by following up the details with polls. Our application helps you get to the heart of the issue by providing you the insights of your organisation. Once the issues are identified you can plan and make more informed decisions.
In order to enhance engagement you will have to know how engagement can help in an organisation. Why is it so important to have a content workforce? Utmost efficiency from an employee can only be achieved when the employee is content. If you read the employee testimonials of top most successful companies. Majority have one thing in common, a focused and a content workforce. If your employees are satisfied, they are bound to work harder and this will be in fact more beneficial to the organisation as a whole. In case the employees are having a common issue, It can be easily identified.

What does a survey do?

If you want to know something in-depth for detailed analysis, in that case survey is the way to go. You can get multiple view points from all of the employees in your organisation and acquire a deeper understanding for a single question. On analysing all of the answers you can arrive to a conclusion and make changes accordingly based on the varied responses received from all of the employees.

What does a poll do?

Unlike surveys polls have the option of ticking pre-decided answers. Polls are single question accompanied with multiple choice options to answer. Polls are absolutely configurable providing you the option of restricting the selection to a single option or multiple options. There is also the functionality to add a blank space in case the employee wants to mention something other than the available options.