Supercharge the productivity – Free Up your team from Spreadsheet and Manual HR Processes

Today every business is adopting a data / fact based operating business model, Management is putting increasing pressure on HR professionals compared to past to understand and report on all the transactional trends.

The Major Part of the problem is that many Enterprises are still adopting non centralized data streams and legacy systems when it comes to their Human Capital Management. It’s incredibly difficult to combine data from diverse sources, or analyse it to meaningful and valuable data insights. As per recent research, 48% of Enterprises worldwide are struggling to report at a global level on their human capital & resources. However, with the right technology in place, HR teams can gather a single source of truth for worldwide reporting and analytics. The information can then be used to better control benefit spend budgets and build effective employee engagement plans across different geographies and with considering the local compliance rules. It also gives HR administrators the ability to see the uptake of benefits across demographics or evaluate the costs of a particular benefits stream.

Looking at transactional / behavioral trends in Human Capital Management take-up also enables employers to identify the types of benefits that appeal most to their workforces. This in turn has a positive effect on better employee engagement plan – something that research indicates is a problem for 30% of global enterprises. Employees will appreciate their scheme more and the effort their employers have demonstrated in considering their specific needs, which in turn can provoke greater discretionary effort. Designing a better Human Capital Management Strategy that people really value is therefore critical to maintaining a fulfilled, productive and successful workforce.

Beehive’s Human Capital Management Software’s Analytics-

Getting actual insights from your transactional data was never so easy. HCM Software dashboard help companies in many different ways whether it is drawing a trends or understanding the facts it has all the capabilities to take care your all the requirements

For Example –

Recruitment is one of the most important HR activity in any of the organizations, getting the actual numbers of new joinees / current count and exit count for location / different entities or different org units will never be a challenge with Beehive you will have real-time recruitment data with you. Understand the attrition happening at multiple levels of organizations also analyzing the reason behind the attrition. Consolidated attrition trend analysis which enables CXO’s to differentiate voluntary and involuntary separation.

Business Needs & Computation

  • In depth data analysis and insight is at your dashboard of the application
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Relevant, Module-driven transactional data view is linked directly to respective transactions
  • Graphical data representation on organizational data from different HCM processes
  • Analyze skill gaps, headcount movement, and others to Power Decision-Making process
  • Optimize decision-making process by providing the right strategic insights to CXO’s

Beehive’s HCM Software Dashboard provides smart view to see the enterprise level data. CXO’s can perform your own visual analysis to find new patterns / trends at a glance. Analyze any process related data with a click, and drive a visual story of your employee related data. It’s Easy and engaging, secure and scalable.