Succession Planning

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Change is the only constant. So changes in any organisation is inevitable, People retire, resign or just are departed from the organisation for 1000’s of reasons, and the human resource department must be ready at all times to fill in these vacancies. It is rather easy for the human resource department to replace the juniors in an organisation, as training during the induction phase of a new hire can replace the lost talent. But when it comes to the senior level employees in the organisation, it becomes difficult for the human resource to find an appropriate replacement or talent on a short notice. To avoid such instances the human resource department gets the right people ready to take over once the need arises. This process is known as succession planning. Generally the HR departments of all organisations and should proactively be always ready with a succession plan so that there is no pause in the continuity of the processing of the organisations at all times. This can be done by updating regular reviews of the talent in the firm and analysing the best replacement for the seniority and provide for training basis this analysis.

Every organisation should have a system in place to evaluate and review their staff, also to rank their employees’ basis their core skill and performance over time. Beehive’s performance appraisal and goal settings application aids in always being up to date with the employee’s performance and progress. Basis this evaluation the our system can provide for a primary ranking for the employees that who is the most suitable for the position if one opens up. Where ever a deficit of skill is identified, the training application of our software shall arrange for a session so that the employees can do justice to the vacant position. During all times all of the stakeholders involved shall be duly informed about all of the feedbacks, assessment, rankings etc. in order to maintain transparency amongst the subordinates and the supervisors.

The main reason why every organisation requires a succession planning application in place is because as this can be tricky when the need arises the human resource department has to be ready with all the information and the candidate should be ready and available to replace the vacant position. Beehive’s succession planning application helps automate the entire process, plus all of this data shall be stored in a single place making the entire process hassle free and effortless for the human resource department. Mock trials of such situations should be done and practice runs should be conducted in advance so that when the need arises the transition is seamless.

Beehive being a master driven software is absolutely configurable as per your company policies making it easy to adapt into any organisation. All of the chaos of replacing a vacant position on a short notice or the whole process of manually tracking the employee’s performance and ranking individuals can be completely avoided. Saving the organisation time, cost and a lot of efforts.

Our solution is highly robust and comprehensive aiding the HRD in not just their day to day activities, or providing situational resolutions but also extremely flexible with all the right applications to handle any sorts of change with absolute ease.