Strategic Human Resource Management: Definition and Importance

You might have heard about Strategic human resource management and getting confused with Human Resource Management. Here, we will clear your concept regarding SHRM. Strategic Human Resource Management is made up of two terms i.e. Strategy and Human Resource Management. Strategy is a multidimensional concept which is meant to utilize the resources in the best manner. Human Resource Management deals with all the aspects of human resource and utilizing it to the utmost level. Thus, SHRM means strategically utilizing the human resource management. Thus, SHRM is the modern concept of Human Resource Management.
Thus, in other words SHRM can be defined as linking the human resource with strategic goals and objectives of the organization in order to improve the overall business of the organization. The importance of human resource management has increased more in the last two decades. Therefore, every organization is giving importance to Human Resource Management more. SHRM emphasizes on all around development of the employees along with achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. It also gives importance to the individual goals which can be made in such a way so that the individual goals can be aligned with the overall goals of the organization.
In this competitive world, as the competition is increasing every day, thus, the organizations are focusing on the human resource programs which are centered on long term goals. The primary goal of human resource management is to focus on increasing the productivity of the employees by focusing on the external as well as internal obstacles. SHRM not only emphasizes on achieving the organizational goals where as it also gives importance to the all around development of its manpower. This can be done by providing training and development, taking their contribution in the decisions, by management games etc. This will ultimately make them feel stick with the organization and hence, they give their best in order to enhance the productivity of the organization.
In SHRM, Human Resource Managers play a major role as they identify the key HR areas where these strategies can be implemented in the long run. It also emphasizes on the communication between HR and top management so that the management can know about the needs of its employees and work on motivating its employees.

Features of Strategic Human Resource Management

The key features of SHRM are as follows:-

  • There is a relation between HR policies and practices and the overall goals of the organization.
  • It gives importance to HR interventions so that the problems and disputes arising within the organization can be easily sort out.
  • Many of the responsibility of the top management are devolved down the line.

Approaches of SHRM

SHRM involves the following two approaches:-

  • It emphasizes HR activities with the competency based performance activities.
  • It emphasizes on linking HR activities with bringing profit to the organization.

Benefits of SHRM

  • It helps in finding the threats and opportunities of the organization which can bring success to the organization.
  • It helps in building a clear business strategy.
  • It emphasizes on employee recruitment, retention and motivating them.
  • To have a close eye on the performance of the employees and provide training and development to them
  • To attain high productivity
  • To meet the expectations of customers effectively