Simplifying Your HR Process with Human Resource Management Software

Human resource management is an essential part of every company. Whether it’s hiring new employees, training, or ensuring that local labour laws are complied with, HR processes are a vital part of every company. But HR has usually been thought of as a highly manual department process. They are used to rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done themselves. But all that’s changing.

Automation is invading the HR space, and very soon everything that can be automated, will be automated. Current HR staff needs to adapt to the coming changes or get left behind in the dust. What does this mean for HR now and in the future? Are workers going to become obsolete? Are they going to find their job roles differ from what’s typically expected of them? Let’s take a closer look.

The scope remains for companies to move to a more consolidated and well-integrated solution to create better talent analytics in order to transform their talent strategies and directly improve employee engagement and the ability to perform.

This Technology driven optimization process has resulted in the evolution of the Human Resource Management Softwares. The primary advantages of a Human Resource Management Software are:

  • Automated & digitized employee data management
  • Efficiently managing day-to-day HR functions like payroll, leave management, etc.
  • Useful reporting functions and evaluation capabilities
  • Streamline the recruiting process
  • Improve intra-organization communication
  • Mobility and remote access to all HR functions
  • Advanced, flexible and cost-efficient
  • Maintenance of employee score and performance

Hiring is no longer a periodic, need-based activity. This function has evolved into what we now know as Talent Acquisition. It is a continuous process that through extensive research and constant dialogue enables HR to build a pipeline of the best candidates with the right skill sets, who can be brought onboard whenever a job opening comes up. There are many companies in the market that provide end-to-end talent search and hiring solutions right from candidate sourcing, to interviewing and assessment, to maintaining an ongoing relationship with suitable candidates, leading to improved workforce planning. Human Resource Management Softwares also makes it easier to incorporate new trends in hiring, for example, diversity and inclusion are a priority now and need to be an integral part of the people strategy of every company.

With Beehive’s performance management systems it has been made possible, enabling continuous rather than periodic performance management. An automated PMS also has features like online assessment, pulse surveys, personality assessment tools, development plans and so on. Automation is also helping design better tools for employee engagement featuring periodic surveys as well as event-based feedback apps.

Advancements in Learning and development have led to the function growing from just a site where one signs up for courses and training programs to portals where one can actually browse and read up or watch videos relevant to their area of interest. Such platforms are redefining and enriching the learning experience. Technologies like Learning Experience Platforms, LMS Platforms, Micro Learning Platforms, Content Libraries etc., will drive learning and development in the near future.

Managing employee wellness too has changed from simply providing medical benefits (medical cover and reimbursements) to nurturing the overall wellbeing of employees (physical, mental, emotional) and cultivating an environment that enables work-life balance.

Human Resource Management Software makes life easier for HR people and simultaneously reduces the risk of errors and compliance issues. It offers better privacy controls and improves process across geographical locations while taking into consideration region specific laws, rules and compliances.