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Selfie Attendance feature in Beehive Cloud Based HRMS Software

The attendance management process is key step in HR. Tracking attendance of employees is essential to calculate payroll, working hours and mainly productivity in a way. To track employee attendance, organizations use various methods such as traditional punch cards systems, timesheets, biometric systems. The main aim of this process is to keep track of employees’ work hours by daily recording their check-in & check-out time and if any employees work from field then tracking the location.

What is an attendance management system in HRMS Software?

The attendance management system is a process where employees actual working hours, time off, breaks, check in and checkout time is tracked.  The role of the attendance system is to keep track of the official hours of an employee. There are many types of attendance management systems but not all provide equal results. For the smooth functioning of HR process, you need to look for an effective attendance management system.

Key features of a professional attendance management system :
  • Cloud based system
  • Integration with payroll
  • Automated reports
  • Data Security
  • Policy and regulatory compliance

Here are various ways to track attendance of employees :

  • Biometric: One of the most common tools used by organizations is biometric system. HR can track the attendance with the touch of a finger using a biometric scanner. It is easy to make it convenient for employees, but it doesn’t scan the finger if any moisture or dirt is present on the fingers.
  • Timesheets: Companies provide web-based services for timesheets that are integrated into the attendance system. Employees get facility to enter their working hours, mention their time off period, leave, or a day off and holidays, etc.
  • Time clock: This is an employee self-service module that allows employees to track their time while working from any location. Organization can track the employee’s work location using GPS and additional option selfie.
  • Manual: It is a traditional way of taking attendance. Organizations either use register or manually enter the work hours of each employee into payroll. This method has been outdated with the introduction of automated solutions.

What is Selfie Attendance in HRMS?

Technology is evolving and so as the automation tools. Remember, when GPS came in existence, organizations were very excited to implement as they are satisfied to know the location of employee. But, that too had chances of gaps from employee’s end. Selfie attendance is a system where there are zero chances of glitch as the tool verifies employee’s face with the stored image in the system. Along with the location and time, it guarantees employee’s presence at the location. It’s a brilliant idea to implement in HR.

Reasons why an organization should go for Selfie Attendance System?
  • Biometric is unsafe during Covid-19 Pandemic: Biometric has touchpad and it is clearly unsafe to use such tools amid covid-19 pandemic. Selfie attendance is a touch free system.
  • Pocket Friendly: Cloud based attendance management system with selfie attendance are reasonable at cost than other on premise solutions.
  • Mobile Friendly: Your employees can easily access to the required information from anywhere with mobile apps. Not only attendance but it gives flexibility to your employees.
  • Realtime updates: Since it’s a cloud-based solution, you can view real-time updates. This way you save your time and efforts.
  • Easy to use:  When you implement a new system in company, it’s very important for your employees to adapt the same. This will happen if the new technology will be easy and flexible to use. The cloud-based selfie attendance system has very user-friendly UX.
  • Single System with multiple outputs: With selfie, you can track time and location of the employee. The cloud based systems are centralized platforms which provides each information of single dashboard.




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