Secure and Robust

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In today’s digital world there are unlimited opportunities, which is accompanied by risks and complex security threats. Security is the most important concern of everybody planning on opting an HRMS solution. Beehive is one of the most secure HRMS application available in the market.

We provide for a descriptive, wholesome view of the transactions, providing a proactive and organized response to deceitful activities with an in depth understanding of fraudulent indications. Detecting any money laundering activity withholding the anti-money laundering compliance, by enhancing transparency throughout the organization. Tracking and history of all transactions available in the system aiding audit activities, to keep a check on any frauds.

We are focused on maintaining our services and products running seamlessly so that you can also continue processing your employee activities smoothly. Over technology, environmental, process, and health, our main concern is to detect and alleviate our own risk. Our expert, proficient business resiliency professionals throughout the world make sure that internal security is maintained and that support is provided any hour of the day throughout the year.

All of our clients around the globe confide in Beehive to handle their sensitive employee data. Our systems abide by all the government compliances and in case a new law has been out, in that our systems are automatically upgraded to make sure that the enterprise is abiding by the compliance. We have embed numerous layers of shield into our products, services, processes, and infrastructure, to be sure that safety remains at the front position.

The human resource department is in charge of hiring the best talent available in the market, making sure that they are surrounded by a happy work culture or an environment that motivates them to be productive and ensuring that the daily activities between the employee and the employer is processed seamlessly. The human resource department other than recruitment also takes care of other activities like employee engagement, talent management, employee retention, separation etc. All the data recorded during this processes including the employees personal records are always maintained in the system, and updated time to time, a robust HRMS is a must for the safety and security of such information. Beehive helps maintain the safety and manage the employees better. Beehive’s HRMS aims at reducing the dependency on the human resource department for all of the wok and ensures that most task handled by the HRD are automated, as much as it can be.

Beehive’s robust HRMS helps make a positive impact on the employee learning and development, performance tracking, rewards and recognition, in the processing of payroll, safety and precautionary practices, hiring and finally following statutory and regulatory compliances. This generally results in an engaged workforce, which enhances the organization’s overall performance.