Say yes to Employee Self Service Software

Most often, we see lot of valuable time  spent on mundane and routine HR tasks. This happens as a result of unnecessary and inefficient administration of employee data.  Empowering and equipping employees and line managers with the required tools, one can reduce time spent on routine HR activities.

Employee Self Service Software – as an integral part of HRIS has changed the way employees interact with HR activities. From entering time to enrolling for HR benefits or applying for leave, having employees perform these basic tasks allow HR team to focus more on strategic work.

An employee self service software lets employees administer and manage personal data. This leads to reduced time spent on HR administration, freeing up the resource, improving the data accuracy and boosting engagement across the teams.

A single secure portal of employee self service software with comprehensive inbuilt checks, workflows, and approvals allows employees and managers to update and record information instantaneously. Change requests can happen instantaneously which can be noted and approved by concerned authorities. Having on-the-move option through a web or mobile makes team efficient anywhere, anytime.

An employee self service software enables and supports employees, managers, and organisation like wise.

Advantages of employee self service software for employees:

  • Easy to manage time off
  • Online leave application-  verification and approval
  • Easy to update personal details
  • Quick way to maintain their profile including skills, qualifications and competencies
  • Access to personal documents, payslips and other necessary organisational material
  • Review and book training activities
  • Access to total reward systems with all reward and benefits data

Advantages of employee self service software to managers:

  • Easy and secure access to relevant team data
  • Verify and approve employee information and change requests
  • Training and development of team can be easily managed
  • Online performance appraisals
  • Administer entry and exit interviews
  • Notifications of potential issues
  • Review team pay, benefit and reward
  • Manage team leave requests
  • Interactive dashboard to access team performance

Advantages of employee self service software to organization: 

  • Easy access to information pertaining to a specific employee
  • Enhanced engagement and communication across the teams
  • Reduced administrative work and redundancy
  • Improved data accuracy and consistency
  • Saves time and money
  • Improves organisation’s culture

There is no two ways about the advantages and benefits that an employee self service software brings to the table. For more information you can contact Beehive Software at or call at +91-22-66999525