Salary structures

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With the changing times, the trends in remuneration distribution has also been constantly changing. Earlier there used to be a fixed income slab for all the employees in an organisation. Salary structure is the different pay bands for different designations, positions, locations etc. Keeping in line with international trends, Indian companies too are changing their remuneration structures to suit employee needs in today’s dynamic market place.
Beehive’s salary structure application is up to date with the changing trends in the modes of compensation and has been evolving new methods to keep abreast with the contemporary need of the hour. The remuneration scale has to be in line with the changing trends to keep your biggest asset- your employees content and loyal to the organisation.

Employee payroll bands are categorized into slabs. These slabs include basic salary, TDS, advance salary, tax, House rent allowance, dearness allowance etc. Not all the employees are eligible for all the slabs. The slabs very depending on the job role, position, designation, grade etc.

Beehive’s salary structure application has been designed to suite any organisation or industry. Our system provides you with the luxury to configure the entire salary structure as per your company policies, keeping in mind the statutory compliances. Once the logic has been entered into the system, all of the processes shall be automated.

Beehive has a separate payroll dashboard for ease in working. The finance department needs to create different heads and provide us with the logic for each head and the structure to be added. All of this shall be taken care of at our end. All you have to do is add the CTC amount and the salary shall be calculated with a single click. In order to calculate the payroll accurately the data is pulled from the leave and attendance application.

Beehive’s salary structure application has some uniquely different features that you cannot find in other functioning payroll softwares’:

  • Customized payslips as per salary structure
  • Automated Overtime calculation
  • Streamlined operational processes with time saving
  • Absolutely customizable and configurable
  • Feature to declare investments
  • Investment details can be projected
  • Tax deductions are separately stated

Beehive’ Payroll is integrated with Leave, Attendance, reimbursement, loans & advances so no more repetitive processing of data helping avoid manual errors. Multiple salary heads are already generated and stored in the system for your assistance, you can change the heads or add new ones as per your requirements. The parameters related to each salary head can also be separately configured as per the requirement of your organisation.
Beehive’s payroll management application shall continuously and automatically calculate the pro-rated component for an employee’s CTC as per the rules configured within the system, whether it is allowance or deduction. Our systems shall be implemented into your organisation in such a way that you will not have to break a sweat while calculating payroll as the components of the salary structure are pre-set into the system with the calculated fields and the logic for overtime in the CTC itself.