Recruitment management software – A blessing in disguise for your small business

Irrespective of the size – Large or small, companies can’t  ignore the benefits of HR Technology and Management Software. Recent Studies indicate 53% of the SMEs plan to implement software to ease their HR and recruitment activities. These recruitment management software are blessings in disguise for the small business.

As a small business, are you worried about the investment required? A right recruitment management software reduces the burden and helps in employing the right candidates. As an investment, it reaps big ROI in terms of efficiency, collaboration, and compliance.


Recruitment management software takes all the process and places them on a single platform. Easing the burden from the recruitment and HR team, it reduces piles of paper and spreadsheets.  Eliminating the manual spread-sheet based recruitment process, it helps to reduce the hiring time by more than 30%.

A Single Platform

You can’t do all. Ability to multitask is good but not possible on the long run. You tend to loose focus on what is important. Recruiting is a multitasking job. With a lot of clutter around, recruitment management software keeps everything at one place. It has all the necessary documents, portfolios, CVs, resumes, and other relevant information making hiring process simple.

Automated Processes

Driving force behind all the software, automation is done for the repetitive tasks. Reducing the time spent on emailing, screening, assigning interview, and other administrative tasks, it helps recruiters to actually focus on identifying the right candidates.


Each team is different with different needs. It is important for an organization to choose the software as per the need of the recruitment team. A recruitment management software should be such that it empower the team than disturbing the process. Acting as a facilitator, it can help the teams perform the tasks effectively.

Increased Collaboration

Communication between the teams increases the engagement among the employees, thus reducing the attrition ratio. Better the employees are engaged and more they collaborate with each other, they feel valued.  During the hiring process, this collaboration ensures the team is involved instead of a single person. A recruitment management software gives an opportunity to everyone to take part in and make sure they are heard.

As mentioned earlier, a company’s size is no yardstick of its need of a recruiting software. Even with limited openings and a small budget, a right recruitment management software is waiting for you. Contact Beehive Software at or +91-22-66999525 to discover the right one for you.