Right Employee Onboarding Software: A right step towards success!

An employee starts the journey with an organization with a lot of positivity, enthusiasm, and anxiousness. It is even exciting for the manager and the team. With so many formalities and processes to take care of, is your employee onboarding friendly? Are you utilizing HRMS effectively for employee onboarding?

Employee Onboarding Software as a part of HRMS can encourage better and efficient employee onboarding activities. Make it a stepping stone for an employee’s success with following tips:

1)    Monitoring new hires:

New joiners have dozens of formalities to fulfill. Employee onboarding software makes it easy for a new joiner, reporting manager, and HR team to fulfill these formalities easily. Keeping a track of all the details, one can know which new hire data is not entered in a timely manner? Who has not chosen benefit options? Was there a mistake in entering crucial information? What are their role and responsibilities? What is expected out of them? All these and much more issues can be sorted out with employee onboarding software easily.

2)    Easy Day One Access:

Day one is usually filled with orientation, training, and some more training. An employee onboarding software can guide you that which new joinee require which training. It can easily generate new employee lists as well as manager notifications to remind the supervisor to evaluate the new employee’s competencies.

3)     Officially Closing the Onboarding Process:

In the majority of the cases, first, few days are a blur for an employee. Trying to settle down, learn new things, and meet colleagues and performing in the new role are part of first few days.

A HRMS help makes employee onboarding processes easy by tracking an  employee’s probation period and notify reporting managers. This ensures that the short term goals are met.


An employee onboarding software as a part of HRMS can gauge how the employee is feeling and correct the course as and when required. With so many HRMS options available today in the market, employee onboarding can be made easy with Beehive Softwares. Employee onboarding software will save time & efforts making life easier for everyone involved.