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Reimbursement is the repayment for an expense that has been incurred by the employee of the organisation priorly. Beehive’s reimbursement application comes with a very sophisticated tool that helps you track the payments and automates the entire process of reimbursement claims vouching and payments. All of the expenses incurred by the employee are settled as promised by the organisation. The reason why your organisation requires a tool to handle all the reimbursement claims, firstly to avoid any sort of manual error due to miscalculations, repetitive entries etc., secondly because since money is involved in these transactions accuracy is not the only important factor to be considered, a high degree of compliance and policy control has to be in check.

Beehive’s reimbursement application assists in maintaining entitlements as per grade, position, designations, etc. Below are some of the extraordinary features offered by us:

  • Reimbursements can be defined under various heads depending on the company’s policies. Some of the popular pay heads under reimbursement claims are: Telephone, Conveyance, LTA, Vehicle running expenses Medical expenses etc.
  • Pre- defined set of rules have been set in the system for the eligibility for claims and reimbursement as per the policy of the company. The compensatory amount can be fixed or can vary basis the entitlement i.e. category, grade location, department or any other organisation unit etc.
  • Since ours is a web based application all the reimbursement claims can be uploaded online against the invoices of the spent amount. The employee can track the available balance, his claim history and all other details related to his claims on his employee self-service portal.
  • Our solution is completely configured basis your company rules and policies. The duration of claim, the impact on tax, the period and frequency of the claims are all pre-defined by the organisation itself. All the policies abide statutory compliances saving your organisation tremendous amounts on audit and paper handling. Unclaimed reimbursements – can be paid along with salary as taxable allowance at the end of the financial year
  • The tab for claiming reimbursement is present on the employee dashboard. The employee can send reimbursement requests through his employee self-service portals with a single click. The user can only view the option if he falls under the category as per the company policies. If the user is a supervisor, he can view the reimbursement requests for all of his subordinates in a single view. The requests come with the option of approve and disapprove. If the request has been approved a notification shall be triggered to the finance team to initiate the process of repayment of funds.

Managing travel reimbursements is a skill and difficult to keep track of. Beehive’s mobile application helps you apply for reimbursement requests even while you are still on your travel. This helps you keep a note of all the expenses borne by you throughout the trip. This empowers the employee to apply for reimbursements from any location at any given time. Our application is robust, comprehensive and extremely user friendly.