Redefining Employee Success with Beehive HCM System

Beehive is one of the fast emerging leaders in providing Human Capital Management solutions. It’s HCM System software rolls out a wide range of modules that include Attendance Management, ESS (Employee Self Service), Performance Management System (PMS), Task Management, and Grievance Management, enabling you to optimize the human resources. The software automates the entire employee life cycle process starting right from hiring to exit. It also makes life easy for the companies to identify and analyze an employee strengths and vulnerabilities, allowing you to redefine their success.
• With ESS software, an employee is able to view, validate and update their personal information without needing help with usual inquiries.
• The Attendance Management system helps you monitor the presence, absence and total number of working hours of the employees. A remarkable point is that it develops a willingness in employees to attend work on a regular basis, and also encourages them to motivate others to improve their attendance ultimately resulting in improvement in their own productivity.
• Task management system helps streamline the work processes, assign tasks and ensure that your employees finish their work before their deadlines. Basically, the system supports to keep the employee productivity in check.
• Grievance Management software provides an effective approach for resolving employee concerns. It is a must for developing good relationships between employees and thereby improving their productivity and thus performance.
• Likewise, Performance Management System allows you to analyze employee performance data to discover skill gaps and track progress against goals.
Employers will often try new things in performance management to encourage their employees and acquire the excellent results. It is vital to let your employees know that their work will be noticed. Employees like to stay with a company if they find success in their work. Appreciate when employees meet your expectations. For this you should perform the following activities.
• Align your workforce with business objectives
• Monitor achievements in real-time
• Guide and mentor continuously
• Provide real-time feedback
• Evaluate and rate their performances
• Support employee development
• Measure organizational results on a continuous basis
• Reward the achievements
However, to perform all the above activities along with tracking the attendance, tasks, addressing concerns in a traditional approach is highly tedious, time consuming and may not be possible. Beehive HCM system software lets you do all those activities with ease and position your employees to become more successful than ever in the years to come.