8 Recruitment strategies HR Department should keep in mind amid lockdown.

Covid-19 has bought a whole bunch of uncertainties and unpredictable circumstances for industries across the nation. In the middle of this pandemic, life is still flowing but at a slow pace. Many companies have resumed their offices at 30% strength but many are still considering work from home as the safe option. This pandemic has changed the way we have been looking at our lives and businesses. Social distancing will be new normal and masks will become new fashion post lockdown. Here is the list of 8 tips to keep in mind while recruiting during and post lockdown.

  1. Be ready with THE PLAN: Even if you are not opening your office soon, your plan should be in hand till now. It should be your strategies in command not the uncertainties. Many established companies have lost their control and are not able to make right decisions.

  2. Do not wait for the lockdown to get over. Everything is NOW: It has been more than 2 months and the lockdown is still going on. In fact it is being introduced in front of us in the form of semesters. People who really intend to work are working without fail. Our meetings are already going on; calls are obviously not getting affected. Overall coordination is been handled through Cloud based solutions. Don’t wait for the lockdown to get over, as nothing is going to change except few aspects.

  3. Choose Productivity over Busy-ness: Now when 5th lockdown is on head, we cannot expect any kind of ease due to the bad covid-19 conditions around us. This is how we will be working now, no unnecessary gatherings, no in-person meetings, no hand shaking as well. So, choose an asset who will understand and the end objective rather than just updating the work and submitting the reports. Serious 3 hours of work is far better than 8 hours of efforts which are goal less.

  4. Get your remote WFH tools ready: Since everyone will be scattered while working, you need to be ready with the best Cloud Based Software for your team and Best HR Software to manage the Human Resource chores. There are many tools available in the market due to high demand but choose the right one as per your work process.

  5. Train your resources to be self-accountable: Keep Saturday’s for learning purpose especially for newly hired employees. It will boost their motivation and at the same time keep in mind to train them to become self-efficient. Spoon feeding will no more exist and non-performing people can no longer become part of key team. Let them work as per their flexibility but track their performance through a good PMS (Performance Management System)

  6. Curate the documents and keep them systematically on Cloud: Gone are the days where your people used to talk to each other and find any document. Move to reliable cloud based solution for DMS(Document Management System) so that your new employees get easy access for any kind of material.

  7. Accept part time job seekers: This is the time when everyone is thinking about their bank balances. No one knows what will be the next uncertainty. In this situation everyone wants to keep back up for their income. If you are getting good results in half time spent, why to waste the entire day. Economy is getting a big dig already. Let us work together to rotate money.

  8. Introduce new HR Policies: Now when most of your employees will work from home they won’t come to office daily even after lockdown. Modify your policies; how will they stay connected with the management and other colleagues. Which platforms they will be working on? Who is using which asset? Who has internet issues at their end and what is the solution? When they can apply for any leave?

Getting ready to work from home for next few years is a necessity now. One cannot afford waste of time in thinking about the sudden pandemic. Pick the weapons and get the team ready.


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