Recruitment Management

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Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring the most suited candidate for a job vacancy. This process involves shortlisting the best suited candidate for the job role. When a vacancy arises in the organisation, the human resource department have to spread the word about the vacancy being present, attract eligible individuals to apply for the post, once the applications have been received thoughtful screening of these applications takes place, of which the deserving candidates shall be called for the interview process, amongst them the top shortlisted shall be considered for the job role.
The recruitment process is highly complex and should not be carried out manually in organisations. In today’s fast moving world it is difficult to hire the right talent, and in case already found the right candidate for the role to retain the same. With the changing times the solution for recruitment is also expected to be change and be as comprehensive, collaborative, responsive, predictive and usable on the go.

Beehive’s recruiting application provides your hiring or recruitment teams with the push they need to attract the top talent available and involve them and make them feel welcomed in the organisation from their first day itself. The recruitment teams in the organisations can initiate the talent acquisition functions with predictive workflows that help tap the talent out of the lot- like a fish in the ocean. Recruitment has become handy with our mobile application, hiring dashboard and other such groups can be accessed through our mobile phones, helping the recruitment team work in smarter ways. Search for the best talent is a continuous process and so we assist you with your processes making applicant tracking and analysis, you can use it from any location, at any time, on any device with internet connect ability.
Once the new joinee is hired, Beehive shall assist them become a super productive member by ensuring smooth on-boarding and generate a customized and configured plan as per the needs of the organisation.

  • Managers can raise requisitions to hire to the HRD.
  • Resumes can be screened with keyword searches
  • Applicant’s status can be tracked on real time basis
  • Our candidate search option helps you filter criteria that can help trace relevant candidates for a given profile.
  • Through diffract stages of recruitment you can track the history and status of the applicant.
  • Ready to use templates for job postings
  • Arranging for interviews
  • CV parsing
  • Automated offer letter generation
  • Application tracking
  • Hassle-free resume management

Most of the organisations have switched to cloud based HRMS solution from manual work to streamline their recruitment process, which will help save time, money and efforts and this effort can rather be invested in other productive activities. Beehive’s recruiting application assists in not just streamlining the internal but external processes as well. Experience automation, and a more process oriented work culture just with a small switch in activities. It will also help make most of your activities paperless and help managing data be less chaotic.