Recruitment Management System Trends to look out for in 2017

The recruitment industry has undergone a massive transition and this is expected to continue. If experts are to be believed, the recruitment industry is going to take a major shift. As the 2016 comes to end, Beehive Software brings some of the recruitment trends to look for in 2017 and beyond:


  1. Employer branding bring Employee Loyalty

The brand of a company remains a top priority for most of the employee. For example Google – which is known for its amazing corporate culture and diversified workforce. No matter what sector your business it, the branding is vital to attract right employee and retain the current employees. A recruitment management software can assist you in this regard. With its help the HR team can gauge what employees think about their employer’s brand. Building a brand involves defining company culture where a right HRMS software comes plays an important role. It enables a communicate right culture and core values through the activities and practices.


  1. Investment in Employee Referrals

The biggest source of quality hires for a company is their own employees. But,  most companies allocate a minimal budget for its referral program. Working with referral candidates saves lot of time, energy, and money. These referred employees have better performance, longer tenure and better culture fit than other sources of hire. Right recruitment management software is a boon to leverage the referral program. Getting referrals from the staff is not easy where is the software plays an important role.

  1. Recruiting automation is on the rise 

Big data is the future of recruitment and HR industry. Today data, algorithm, and analytics are the assets for a recruiter as they look to hire and retain employees. A recruitment management system coupled with the big data insights, one can utilize this vital information in the recruitment process. More informed and data driven decision saves time and effort in reaching, screening and sourcing candidates and helps in selecting a right candidate.


  1. Diversity in the workforce continues to be a major focus

The idea of hiring for more diversity will take the central stage in the coming years.  Diversity brings fresh ideas and perspective to the table benefiting both the company and employees. Promoting mutual development among the employees, lots of cross culture awareness can be enabled. Numerous leading recruiters do not need the desire to increase diversity in their project or branch workforce but also in head offices. More investment will be done to make most of the diverse workforce. And this would remain as a long-term strategy.


  1. The talent war is becoming more and more severe

    Companies now do not see employees as a liability but as an asset. For better results and profits, any company would depend on its workforce and their productivity. They may need to increase the hiring volume in the same budget. Traditional hiring practices need to be improved to keep pace with the ever-changing digital world. With improved strategies, a recruiter need to have a marketers’ mindset. A recruitment management system can also enable recruitment teams in developing this mindset by accessing the right resource online.With these trends, you need a recruitment management system to enable you to make most of 2017. Contact Beehive Software at sales@ or +91-22-66999525