Reasons why you should adopt Employee Development System

You wonder why these days Organizations have been talking about employee development. In the era of 21st century, when every Organization is talking about technology, human resource is playing the main role. The more human intelligence an Organization has the more technology it will have. Human Resource Department deals with all around development of employees. Earlier, there was no such concept of human resource development because the work was only based on target. Hence, the employees did not feel associated with the Organization. But these days human resource is treated as the asset of the Organization.
Organizations feel that the more you invest in your employees the better results you will have. Therefore, Organizations time-to-time provide Training and Development to their so that they can learn new techniques and implement the skills when required. It is said that knowledge and development is important for the health of any Organization. Hence, Training can be one of the major methods to achieve this. Training and development increases employee retention as it adds value in the intellect of the employees.
Different Organization has different need. Suppose an Organization deals in legal issues. Thus, the employees must have knowledge of that domain. Keeping this in mind, Organization must have its own employee development system which should be framed according to the need.

Need of Employee Development System

  • To increase the Organization’s capability in order to attain new Organization’s goals.
  • To create more efficient and capable team.
  • To keep adequate human resources who can be involved in new projects.

There are various methods of training & development which an Organization can adopt depending upon its requirements. There are basically two kinds of training – Off job training and On job training.

Reasons of adopting Employee Development System

Saves Money and Time

Training & Development is a kind of investment which the Organization does on its employees. The amount spent on Training is very less in compared to the amount spent on recruitment and hiring.

Competitive Advantage over your competitors

If your organization has a good employee development system then your organization will definitely have a competitive edge over your competitors. It increases the operational efficiency of the organizations.

It’s an important retention tool

Retention means how firmly you hold your employees in your organization. Employees can remain only in your organization if you make them feel associated. For this, you need a strong Employee Development System which must have a friendly approach with your employees.

Strengthens the talent chunk of your Organization

In every organization, there are some dedicated employees who always assist the top levels in their decision making. They must be made aware with new technologies. For this Employee Development System is required which must find the need of the employees and align their needs with Organizational needs.