Promotion and transfer

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Mobility internally of the human capital within an organisation is necessary in order to match the employee’s capabilities, aspirations with that of the organisations. This is essential to make your human capital 100% productive. There are other reasons as well why internal mobility is carried out, such as:

  • Enhance effectiveness of the organisation
  • Increase in the efficiency of the employee
  • In order to instill a sense of discipline
  • Changes in the internal workings of an organisation

The two popular kinds of internal mobility involves promotions and transfers. Promotion in the movement of a better job, a better grade, in short a job with greater responsibility and authority , with requirement for greater skill, all this with increased pay for work. Transfer is the lateral movement of the employee. This can also involve promotion, demotion or just shift of department with similar or different job roles and responsibilities.

Beehive HRMS provides an intuitive web based technology that aids in improvising and increasing communication amongst employees to increase efficiency in decision makings, approvals, requests , opinions and views. This will help increase the employee’s involvement in the organisation, providing a sense of belonging in the organisation. The expectations of the organisation are more distinctly set and clearly conveyed to the employees. This helps enhance employee engagement and also help empower the employer as he can make informed decisions basis all the data available.

Beehive HRMS aids you in tracking the entire employee life cycle right from recruitment to retirement. We help you track the movement of your employees effortlessly. With all of the employee’s personal and professional data being available at a single source point, does not just increase efficiency but also saves time and effort. No more going through multiple excel sheets and files for employee information or running through multiple file cabinets for minute information. This helps reduce the risks of data loss. All the interactions with an employee or all of his details shall be maintained in a single place with accessibility at all times from any place, allowing the employer to always have absolute convenience.

Beehive helps you analyse the capabilities of your employees with applications like performance management and goal settings. Criteria are set for the employees in forms of objective, depending on how well is the employee performing on this set stages the employee shall either be provided with rewards like promotion, bonus etc. and if the employee fails to achieve the said targets, training and development can be arranged. Every time a milestone is reached it is important that it should be acknowledged and honoured. Promotions and incentives for work are a good form of motivation to the employees.

Employee performance tracking is a continuous and a long term process. Regular monitoring and providing feedback is inconvenient. Beehive helps make all of this processes seamless, helps save time and efforts in saving information for every employee in the organisation. Performance related data is constantly recorded which will enhance employee engagement and performance. All of the employee internal movement can be efficiently tracked, recorded and put back to use.

Beehive helps track employee movement whenever it takes place by being up to date. This also assists in leave and payroll processing by directly interlinking promotions and transfers with change of grade and pay scale on real time basis.