Project tracking

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Project tracking refers to tracking the details of a project or a consignment with accuracy. The time duration can be set within which the project has to be submitted and the employee can keep updating his timesheet against the project with the hours invested and the details of the activities completed.
When you tend to work with a lot of clients and employees it is difficult to remember which client was assigned to whom, what were the expectations of the client v/s what all was actually delivered. Excel sheets and spreadsheets can fulfil this up to a limit but it is highly inconvenient to track so much data manually. Beehive’s project management application helps ease these activities by providing room to all the concerned stakeholders in the completion of a project to discuss the planning and implementation of the plan. Beehive helps you make your organisational operations more process oriented by facilitating hassle free and effective management of the cliental projects.

In case due to some absence the project had to be transferred to another person. It is easily possible with our solution, as all of the data is recorded and synced with the project. With the change in ownership of the project, all of the data, progress and concerned timesheet shall be automatically transferred to the other employee. Making the transition smooth and seamless.
Beehive’s project managing application is a robust tool, permitting everybody in your organization to enter human resources projects and accomplish their tasks. As an HR project manager, you possess complete control and oversight of the assigned projects access from start to finish—plus the refreshing knowledge that things are going as planned.

  • All of the employee’s to create a -dos should be updated in the task management application and project tracker as well.
  • The activities assigned to the employee should be added to the to-do list for the day. These to- do lists once assigned to the employees should always be maintained with data like notes, progress, and also the minute details etc. Also the estimates & log time for each task should be updated in the list.
  • Instant insights are available in to the assigned projects for in depth analysis and to always take more informed decisions when it comes to the organisational decisions. Powerful data is one of the core aspects of a successful organisation.
  • Track the timeline of your ongoing projects as to which are already completed and the one’s which overdue long. Better measurements combined with deep insight allow for more efficient use for your team’s resources
  • Our time tracking functionality assists in keeping a track of the estimate time spent by the employees on an individual project and the return on investment can be traced basis that.
  • Milestones can be set, short term. These short term milestones eventually will help understand when exactly the project can be ready and completed.

Beehive’s project management application has been aided with the best tools to assist you in planning, project execution, task management and track productivity of your organisations.