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A business comprises of enormous elements to build a strong set up. Productivity among employees is the essence of every movement.

What is Productivity?

Every business achieves the desired goals only if the success or failure is measured. When it is about revenue, numbers matter. Whether good or bad is the next question. But, before anything else, measuring the work done is important. So, Productivity is a measurement of the efficiency of work. High productivity can lead to greater profits for businesses and higher income for employees. For any industry or any business set up, productivity at work is important as it is directly related to the revenue of the company.

Measuring productivity is definitely not an easy-going calculation which should be possible in one go. It is a process. Efficiency in employees is something which is developed gradually. Along these lines, it must be analyzed on regular routine. Keeping an eye on employees’ tasks and performance is exceptionally troublesome when managed manually.

Beehive’s Productivity Tool for your Business

There is always a possibility of human error which can lead to serious issues. To avoid such circumstances, a company must implement a professional HR software. Beehive HR software is the answer to all such worries. Beehive is offering perfect productivity measuring tool for your business. With the help of Beehive cloud-based HR system, you will be able to streamline all your business activities.


Beehive task management system is used to manage tasks, track time, and easily collaborate with the team. This is efficient for employees, teams, and organizations to help them complete tasks efficiently without missing any deadlines.

Few benefits of Beehive Task Management tool in HRMS Software:

  • Centralized hub: Beehive task management tool helps you to manage Everything from A single place.
  • Setting the task priorities: When you assign multiple tasks to an employee, it’s important for him to know the priority of all tasks. This way your team will never miss any deadline. Beehive task management tool manages the tasks priorities smoothly.
  • Access data/information from anywhere, any device, any time: Beehive is a cloud-based system; hence, you can carry your business everywhere.
  • Monitor all the tasks on one screen: Beehive gives you the dashboard through which you can easily examine the work load of all employees and the updates of all ongoing tasks.
  • Enhance productivity: This is already established that productivity matters a lot for the success of any organization. If your employee spends a lot of time finding what needs to be done then, they would end up spending most of the time finding, whereas that time was meant to be spent on execution of tasks. To avoid such routine issues, beehive task manager provides a perfect solution because the task management tool not only helps your employees to locate their tasks easily but also enables them to view all the important tasks relating to any project with its due dates so that they can plan things accordingly.

Performance Management System (PMS): The performance management process involves information gathering by monitoring goal completion, feedback and discussions. Majorly PMS is about setting the objective and goals for the employees and measuring the performance on the basis of assigned work. Beehive PMS helps your business setup by analysing successes, strengths, closely examining the work assigned and work submitted, enhance employee performance and weed out problems. With Beehive PMS you get;

  • Better employee performance
  • Better data quality
  • More information to analyse
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • More inputs from employees
  • Better employee engagement
  • Goal setting and revising


A timesheet is a system or tool used by businesses to give their employees a means to record the time they’ve spent on a task or project.

Beehive timesheet management helps you in monitoring and analyzing recorded work hours. It also involves taking different actions such as calculating employee payroll or invoicing the client based on these timesheets.

With Beehive Timesheet Management tool, you can view;

  • Which employee is working on which project/task?
  • Which are pending tasks?
  • Which tasks are handled by group of people?
  • Who is actually busy and who is truly productive?
  • Who is not performing to the edge?



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