Practical Techniques for Scheduling Candidate Interviews

It is time-consuming to schedule interviews. Emails back and forth and checking each calendar separately can be necessary to find convenient times for both candidates and interviewers. The same goes for scheduling multiple interviews on the same day for each candidate, which can clog interviewers’ inboxes and confuse candidates.

When more interviewers and candidates are involved, scheduling interviews becomes increasingly challenging. Consider these tips to make the process go more smoothly:

Schedule the interviews right away.

To keep the momentum going, schedule the following conversation (interview or follow-up chat) as soon as possible (or as soon as possible if the initial conversation is good). With top candidates, timing is everything.

Choosing a weekday during the middle of the week is another way to schedule your interview at the best time. Arranging a meeting on a Tuesday or Wednesday is one way to accomplish this. You can increase your interviewer’s productivity and stamina by scheduling your interview on these days when they have progressed enough into the workweek. It might also be helpful to wait until after the start of the workweek to avoid the slow productivity levels associated with returning to work on a Monday.

Have Standardised Interview Questions

Establishing a standard interview process will help you streamline the interview process and reduce the burden on interviewers who would otherwise have to research or come up with questions. Interviewers with more experience may not find it challenging to come up with questions, but recruiters and employees with less experience may struggle to do so. 

The process helps eliminate any legal risks linked to unfair hiring practices (unconscious biases, we’re looking at you) or inappropriate conduct, such as asking inappropriate questions.

Candidates feel like their skills and experience are being considered rather than who they are as individuals.

Schedule the follow-up interview as soon as possible.

To find a time that works for everyone, see their availability directly in Workable instead of switching between external calendars. By integrating your external calendar applications, you can view the availability of your team and book meeting rooms within your recruiting workflow. 

You should schedule a follow-up interview for the candidate as soon as possible after they have completed the first interview. The best salespeople are known to do this. “Time kills all deals” is a famous sales adage. Don’t let time ruin your next deal.

Collect Interviewer Feedback

Your recruitment program’s success depends on the feedback you collect from candidates during the interview process. Unfortunately, many companies stop there rather than improve their recruitment process based on this insight. It can help you improve your interview process and keep a strong talent pipeline by giving you feedback after each interview.

To make timely hiring decisions, you need to collect internal feedback quickly to attract these coveted candidates to your team. The recruiter-employer relationship is a two-way street, so it’s not just the feedback you receive during the interview that matters. 

Always respond quickly

A quick response is crucial during the interview process. The candidate often has questions when scheduling interviews, or they may reschedule several times. To secure their time and create a great experience, you need to respond immediately.

Bottom line

However, recruiters can ensure hiring teams interview only the top candidates by interviewing only qualified candidates. We help you schedule administrative interviews by taking care of a significant portion of the work, saving you time. As a result, more time can be dedicated to the human aspects of recruiting, such as ensuring a positive candidate experience and evaluating candidate skills efficiently.

Companies collect interview feedback nearly every day, but they can rarely utilize it to improve their recruiting process. Allow your candidates to give you feedback on their interview experience. They will appreciate your effort, and you will have your choice of top-tier talent to choose from when the time comes to hire. A professional HR Software has become need of the hour for most of organizations irrespective of their size. If you are want to streamline your interview process then get in touch with the best HR software company like Beehive Software to have professional solutions for all your problems. 


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